You must avoid rice too even rice contains sugar. I don’t have a way too much knowledge but nevertheless I will research.

Benefit of garlic: Having 4-5 cloves of garlic boiled in a little milk to empty stomach daily helps control blood pressure. I do this every morning for my dad. This has indeed helped bring his BP to normal.

Weight Loss:

1. Have heard that eating horse gram helps lose weight.

2. My friend’s sister lost weight by drinking elavan juice every morning for two months.

I too had stopped taking onion and garlic since 1998 but not able to find the reason. I think it promotes tamasic gunas in us, but I have a lot of Tamas left in me even after having stopped eating it.

Clove really helps toothache. Well this happened to me over the weekend when my wisdom tooth was bothering me. One clove kept near the tooth helped.

Elavan juice actually is tasteless. It almost tastes like elaneer. You can add honey or lime or something if you want. You just need half a glass every day.

Some things to do in case of heat due to "hot" foods in common places to reduce the body heat:

1. Soak a tablespoon mendhiyum over night. Grind and apply paste to head. This will not only reduce the heat in the body, its also good for dandruff, arrests hair fall and makes the hair soft.

2. Sesame oil applied to soles of feet actually reduces body heat.

3 Henna applied to feet, hands, or hair helps bring down body heat. It is a natural coolant.

1. The actual reason is that these foods affect the central nervous systems.

2. Also these foods actually "smell" different. We as a community are engaged in doing homas, prayers, veda reading and so we cannot be "smelling" if you know what i mean.. Thats from the social part of it..

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