Some people love pets, some others find friends in them while some others keep them as status symbol. Some others have them because there neighbors have pets therefore, they also want to pet some animals.

I have seen people keeping dogs as a status symbol. Most of them have costly dogs those look very attractive. However, some of them who do not know how to pet dogs, tey should know about it before purchasing a particular breed. This is not easy to maintain them without knowing every detail about that particular dog.

Dog is first choice as pet in our country
Dogs are pet number one in our country and most pets are dogs unlike western and European countries where they pet cats more than dogs. Some persons who love dogs passionately go for costly breeds of their choices and go to any distance to find them. Dog is a costly animal as a pet especially top breeds and they are not easy to maintain because the cost of food etc is too high to pet them properly.

There are different requirements of every breed and every owner should know about their pets to keep them well in control and smartly if they want these dogs to be friendly with them. Pets understand and respond better only if the owner knows their requirements well. One cannot keep a proper command on these dogs if they do not know how to pet them well.

Let us look at the popular category of dogs
Terrier- Terrier, especially Yorkshire terrier is a small sized dog; it is golden in color looks like a toy dog but is very clever and active in nature. This dog is very temperamental energetic and adventures. Once they mix-up with members of the household, which may take some time initially they become very friendly and trustworthy even safe and friendly for children. This breed needs a proper handling with love and care as is true for almost any breed of dogs.


Cost of a terrier may vary from Rupees 10k to 50k depending upon the age and breed. The cost of maintenance etc may vary in the range of Rupees 1200 -2500 depending on food habits of a particular family as terrier can live on both vegan and non-vegan diets. The digestion system of a terrier is very delicate therefore; they need special precaution on diet according to food habits. Terrier needs a special care because it has a long hair and a regular exercise along long walks to keep them happy. A terrier loves to move all the time.

Great Dane- This dog is big, charming, affectionate, giant and patient. Great Dane is not only loyal and obedient they love to be crowded and among the people all the time. This dog is big in size and needs training in its early life to keep it in control otherwise, it may prove dangerous. Generally, Great Dane is not an aggressive breed but may become so in unfavorable conditions. Therefore, owner of a great Dane should know to command his pet well to not to make problems for himself and for others.

Price of a Great Dane may vary in the range of Rupees 15k to 45k depending upon age and purity of breed, cost of a dog depends on its mother and father also. Great Dane is an expensive dog to maintain due to its size and eating habits. The cost of diet etc may cost in the range of 5-6k per month plus medicines as this dog is diseases prone and can suffer from various diseases like heart related, tail related and tumors. This dog also needs a regular exercise and a walk, jogging is not good for this doge before the age of one year.


Rottweiler- This is another German dog like German shepherd but very different in looks and size. This dog is powerful, courageous, intelligent and highly trainable. In fact, this dog keeps heard of animal in control like the other breed German shepherd. Besides other useful works like bomb detection, mine detection and drugs detections, related to police and army are some other jobs, which, this dog is an expert. They prove their worth in crime and detection with lot of success. This dog does not like to live in smaller places so never go for Rottweiler if you do not have enough open space. The dog is very loyal, intelligent sharp minded but owner must be as sharp to control them properly otherwise this dog may prove too dangerous.

Rottweiler may cost in the range of Rupees 20k to 50k again depending on breed cannel and age. The maintenance cost of this dog is about Rupees 3-5k per month plus medicines because this doge being too delicate for Indian conditions may fall ill easily. The main diseases, which may occur -ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) this is bones related problem, hip dislocation, snoring and overeating. This dog needs a regular exercise more than any other dog and as I said, earlier this dog likes to walk so the smaller places are not suitable for them. This dog needs lots of space to for running and walking all the time when he is not asleep.


Lhasa Apso- As the name would suggest this dog originates from Tibet a beautiful tiny mini dog breed who looks so cute, delicate and toy like. This dog is generally, white, ivory and having spots of lovely colors on different body parts. The dog as most dogs are obedient, attention seeker and love to stay with family members all the time. Therefore, this is suggested to not to pet it if at least one of the family members is not there at home all the time because Lhasa Apso can not live alone even for a small time. This dog loves to roam around its owner and is jealous of children of the family as it does not want to see any one else with its owner.


Lhasa Apse costs in the range of Rupees 5k to 50k depending upon kennel, age group, breed and colors. Cost of maintenance is about 2-3k per month exclusive of medicines costs. This dog is generally healthy but may suffer from skin, kidney and eye problems some times. As usual daily walk is must for them to avoid behavior problems. I know about few more good breeds of the dogs, which I would describe in my future articles.


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