Friendship is a flower placed in true heart's vase, bringing comfort and peace all your days. It is an epidemic of codependency and the only true care.Some relations are made by god and those which he forget to name are bound by a precious relation of Friendship. Friendship is a two way road. It cannot be accomplished if both parties do not put appreciable effort. It has to be nourished with care , passion , love and time. The fruit of friendship, if nurtured properly , is sweet  which brings happiness in our lives.

A Friend is a- Field of love, Root of joy, island of god, end of sorrow, door of understanding. It is very difficult to find a mate which shares same thoughts towards everything in every moment of life. But once you find him/her, you will see life through their eyes and it is a beautiful experience. In moments of joy they will be there to share it with you. whenever you face troubles in life and think there is nowhere to go, they will open new doors of possibilities. Such is the relation of Friendship. It gives you strength to face anything in life. With true friends by your side you can smilingly say to life- " Bring it on!".

In life many  a times we will have disputes with family members and everything will seem to be falling apart, friendship proves to be that little ray of hope that can drag you out of darkness. You just need to let in that ray of hope.We make many friends throughout our life- some our friends with benefits, some are true friends and some are just people you socialise with. Those people who stand by your side in all goods and bads are your true pals. Many people fail to recognise their true friends, its no less a job to identify the true ones and hold onto them till they are far gone. The memories you share with your friends are priceless and these give you strength to fight anything that comes in your way.

Always remember- Friends are the angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.Friendship is a heart to heart connection and cannot be broken by time and distance. There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship. Friendship needs to be cherished in life and then you will understand the true meaning of life.Friends are like energy to your soul. Friendship is like a Miracle that dwells within the heart,and you don't know how it happens or when it gets its start. But the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift , and you realise that friendship is life's most precious gift.

It takes your heart to see your true friend , not your eyes.  You need to feel the place someone special holds in your life, that is your true friend.The world's happiest friends don't have the same nature , they just have better understanding of their differences. Friendship is a lifelong relation that doesn't end even after life. Its more of a commitment of never letting the other alone in any situation in life and always there for them in their needs , joys and sorrows. Friends are flower in the garden of life. And if you want your garden to be evergreen you need to look after it with love and care. Thats when your life will its true meaning.

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