A. This is a chain game for the whole class. Sit in a circle and whisper to the student sitting next to you about something that you would like to put in your school bag. Each student repeats what he/she hears. He /she then add one item of her/his own put into the schoolbag. The person who forgets anything while repeating the list leaves the game. The person who remains in the game till the end wins.


Child I: yesterday I put a book in my bag.

Child II: yesterday I put a book and a pencil in my bag.

Child III: yesterday I put a book, a pencil and an apple in my bag.

 B. The whole class can play this game: let one person be the king or queen. That person must ask the class to do simple things. But the class must do it only when he/she says: the king (or queen) says ….


Child I: the queen says clap your hands. (Everyone in class must clap their hands. Those who do not are out of the game)

Child II: class, clap your friends (the class must not do anything. Those who do are out of the game.)

 After four or five turns another person can become the queen or king.

 C. Think of any story you have read in the book. Let one child tell the first line of the story. The second person should tell the second line until the story is finished. Now start on another story from the book. Go on till everyone has had a chance or till the class has done the same with all the stories.

 D. Form two teams in class and give interesting names to your trams. Your teacher will prepare a list of difficult words from the lesson. She/he will write the same words on another list. She/he will hand out the two identical lists to the two teams. Now both teams have the same words.

 Your teacher will call out a word from the list. Students will stand up from each team. As soon as they hear the word, the two teams will run to the board and write a sentence using the word,. The winner is the one who writes a correct, clearly written sentence

 E. Form 4-6 groups in class. The teacher will say a word. One student from group a will raise his/her hand say the first letter of the word. The next group will say the second letter of the word. The third group will say the next letter and so no, till the letters of the word are spelt out. The group which makes a mistake gets out.


Teacher: celebrations

Group A: C

Group B: E

Group C: L

Group A: IX

(Group A has said `I’ instead of `E’, so it will be out)

Group: B: E

So the game continues….













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