“A sound mind in a sound body” is on old saying, the significance of which is as fresh today as it was a hundred years ago. Education means to bring out all the mental, physical and spiritual potentialities of man. Our system of education lays great stress on intellectual perfection. The exercise is so essential to the growth of personality and character.
A healthy body and a sporting disposition are greatest recommendations a candidate can have to secure a door job. Sports men have succeeded in foreign jobs requiring team spirit, a cordial social temperament and a cosmopolitan outlook. A man who has played cricket at collect will play cricket in the larger field of political and social life. Constant participation in healthy outdoor games makes a person vigorous and lively.

Sports encourage large-heartedness, generosity, tolerance and spirit of give and take. “A sportsman can take his defeat” on the china’s the say. He(he or she) is not sensitive or fussy about it. He knows the strong points of his adversary and is bold and fearless in meeting unexpected troubles in the journey of life. He dose not hide his face (like the ostrich) even when face to face with heavy odds. True it is that” the battle of waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton and harrow” (Wellington). The moral of the nation is built on the sports-fields of schools and college. Tournaments in hockey, cricket, football and volleyball keep the spirit of healthy rivalry alive. A hockey-captain or a cricket-skipper has more chances of getting into I.M.A. or flying college or N.D.A. than a mere bookworm.

Sports make our youth full-blooded, tall and handsome at least they get to know how to keep their upper lip stiff in all circumstances.

The Greek attached the greatest value of sports. The modern idea of Olympic Games has been borrowed from the Greek Olympiads. They regarded physical perfection as a precondition of intellectual proficiency. The international cricket test matches held between India, Australia, Pakistan, west-Indies and England has promoted mutual understanding and goodwill. On such occasions, radio stations broadcast running commentaries, the sports personalities and events are televised, the newspaper give headlines to batsmen, bowlers and scorers. The whole nation in a spirit of good-humouredly competition.  Now IPL cricket matches are loved by our nation. It is different from nornal matches. It is competition between regions. People take it as the test of individual persons and regions.

The stamina and resistance of a nation are tested in sports. A true sportsman is unmindful of victory or defeat; he just plays the game. Even if he loses the game, he goes out to shake hands with his opposite member and congratulates him on his superior game. Sports is symbolic form of strength and active participation of life.

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