Safety is the  most important thing that every travele fails to consider when planning a trip.  Everyone thinks about the activities that give a pleasure or enjoyment during trip. Safety is an important criteria and it must be considered.  A trip is organized in order to get yourself relaxed from day to day busy life by various means of pleasure providing activities. In that process they neglect the safety factor. If a business person is going to attain business meeting at a place far from their home. They only think about their presentation and projects. This most important factor is always  given a less important as compare to other activities. You should must take some of the important safety tips before leaving your sweet home. Here I am going to mention some of these tips that must be followed during your Trip. 


Protect your sweet House - First Preference

You should develop an environment that your home cannot look empty. For this you have to do some activities that make your house safe and secure when you are out. Try to place your furniture and Curtains at their own position. Now you have to stop the delivery of newspaper and milk. If you miss it, told your neighbor to pick all these things. If possible keep the light of your house on. It will develop a false impression on the other who look toward your house. If your house is surrounded by a garden, you must cut your garden grass before going out. Properly lock all the Doors as well as Windows for Your Home.  If possible set a daily alarm on your alarm watch that rings in a set period of time. Set your television on a Timer with loud sound. This will surely keep away any unwanted person from your house. If your neighbor is Cooperative and help nature, ask them to park their vehicle in your house's parking. After this, now the time is to make your mind. Properly make your mind. For which place you are going to visit, Where to stay, in what way you can reach there and what kinds of luggage you are picking with you.  Many people are totally unknown to that place. In such a case you have to take a map and other things that help you in your trip. 

Money - Essential need during your trip

First of all you need to clean your purse from all Unwanted things. Remove all which is not important during your trip. Prefer those things that most need during your trip. Always keep your credit and debit card with you. Never miss a card that shows your identity along with sufficient numbers of Photograph of your's. Try to remember your credit card and debit card or other card number at safe place if necessary. If you are going to another country, at that time you must note down your Passport Number. It is important because if you lost your card, at the time of issuing of passport, you are going to face the lesser problem. Keep cash in your Debit or credit card. Try to avoid of carry big amount of money. The most important precaution is that, avoid keeping your Wallet into the back pocket. Try to keep your wallet in front of your eyes. For that it is best idea to keep your wallet in your front pocket or use some money carry bag. That is a safe way to keep your wallet during the trip. Always try to keep your purse near to your body. If you carry a money bag, hold the bag with your hand itself.   

If you are going to trip, you must beware of the Theft that snatch your wallet and you cannot notice it. This is one of the biggest issues in the modern generation. Suppose that someone snatches your purse, at that time you are going to lose all your travelling interest. This kind of thief can be found in any part of the world. If you are not sincere, you are going to become a victim. They mostly attack you in a place full of crowd. Must keep this fact in your mind.  Some it is a common that a group of person known as a family can also become a victim of this event. A famous slogan is used in this case " Prevention is better than Cure ". This also applies to your trip. What is the need to take the extra pressure on your trip by thinking all the time that all things is on a right path or not. Try to develop a Best prevention idea before leaving your house can solve this problem. Never become victim try to become a person that gets every pleasure that you want. Many times a traveler become the victim of a Crime. At that time you cannot get any solution during your trip. That criminal or thief cannot be caught. A survey tells that a person become victim to such a case during when that person is travelling from one city to another city. You cannot become a victim when you are at your sweet home. This survey is conducted by the Federal Trade Commission. So if you are thinking that such survey reflect the right information, be aware of that during your trip from next time.  

Online Fraud

You can become the victim of an online fraud. Many times you are going to book your tickets, hotel room as well as book a car with the help of internet.  Or you may use a laptop and a notebook during your travelling. If you do this, you need a little precaution. You must activate a Firewall service on your laptop or notebook that will protect you from becoming a Victim of Online Fraud.   

Luggage ahould be less and light

Always keep in mind that if you carry a bigger bag, it makes you tired and you can become a victim of any unwanted event. Carry a luggage that look costly, it will carry an unwanted attraction of unwanted people toward your Luggage. Try to put your things in a bag that look quite old as compare to costly bags. Still you carry a large number of bags with various things. The best idea is to make a list of all things and keep separately. If you carry some important things such as Jewelry and Medicine. Carry all in a handbag that always is in your hand.  To carry a less amount of Luggage. It is good to carry from one place to another as compare to heavy Luggages.  At the time of checking A heavy luggages took more time as compare to lighter luggages. Always make a Special sign on your bags that always give you indicate that it is your bag. 

If there are any unwanted tags on your bags, remove all such tags. During the journey by plane, A tag is stick to your bags every time. Such old tags must remove during your new trip. If possible always keep some sort of Identity outside as well as inside. That is helpful at of misunderstanding. Suppose that your trip is longer and many things that cannot keep importance at such trip. At that time keep unwanted things back to Home. Always a human being needs something. Nobody defines itself. If you purchase some things in other countries, identify if you are able to take it back to your home or not. It is very necessary that someone is with your bags for security purpose. Always keep your bags in an organized way that you can easily view your bags. Always keep something like Sanitary things during your travelling. During your trip it might be possible that you need some place that need to be clean. Water is very important, always carry a bottle of mineral water during your trip.  Suppose that you are on a trip with your friends, the best idea is to put cloths and other necessary thing in each bag which is equally distributed. At the time of suffering at least you gave the something left and for loosing all something is good. First take proper idea about Your surrounding. 

Be alert of  Pickpockets

Such type of thief work in a Group of 3- 4 person. They work in such a way that one person from that group is draw your total attention to itself while others in a group steal your wallet from your pocket. So never get confused between them. They want that you lose your concentration. Always prefer to walk in a group or in a crowd to save yourself from confusion. Never show that you are unknown to this place. Never behave like a tourist Because they are in waiting for such a Person. From that they can easily notice you as a tourist and all tourists must carry Money, cameras and other important things. Always try to learn all directions with the help of a map. It will help you to make yourself aware of that place. Most important thing is to hide your trip plan in front of some strangers. Keep it confidential. This all happens when you are with your friends and other known personalities. Avoid this.

Prefer Places that you know

Never make yourself move in such places that is new for your in search of short cuts. You must lock your car in a proper way. No matter you consume less or more time outside. Always remove your keys from your car and keep in your pockets. A slight mistake can take your car away from your eyes. You must close all the windows of your car for security reason. During driving keep a map and a thing that guides you with a right direction. Try to stop asking other people during your trip. That person might be a Thief. It is a good idea to hide all important and costly things in a safe place.  It is kind advice to each and every visitor that never forgets things like wallet, Credit or Debit cards and Driving card in your Vehicle.  There are many in waiting a moment when they take your costly and important thing from your sight. Save yourself from Such thief.

If you park your car or bike in a parking, at that time you must keep the parking ticket with you.  Never make a mistake that you forget your parking tickets in a Vechicles. They can easily notice by such unwanted person. If you miss your parking ticket, the parking guard must ask for your identity in order to identify your identity. When you return from someplace before entering into your vehicle must see for a person that may hide in your vehicle. Always keep the number of cars, Model of car, Number of your Driving License and other Related number in your safe pocket. At the time of stolen off car these numbers can help you a lot in searching your car. In many places a person is available to park your car. At that time keep your home and Vechile key separated from each other. You properly take the idea about the place where your car is parked by that person in order to save yourself from any misunderstanding. It is a human mentally that they lose more memory when they visit another city as a Stranger at that time you must take a car on rent with a Guide.

While Entering into hotel Room. Always alert to pick all things that are related to your identity.  During giving the rent for hotel room away use a safe mode for payment.  Always use a Service that is best for your identity. You must remember the way through which you are going to reach the hotel room for your future reference. If your hotel room provide the Interior locking Service use that service for your security purpose. Make a habit of asking about the person standing on the other side of a door before open door. If your hotel door has a Peephole, better to use it when someone knock-on your door. Suppose that you feel any confusion regarding hotel employee, you must ask for its identity. It will remove all confusion.  If still you have any confusion better a call a person sitting at the front desk of hotel for making you satisfied. Does not allow any stranger into your hotel Room. It might harm you. It is a good idea to lock your hotel room before leaving your room even for a single minute. Lock your room in a better way by your hand. After locking, you need to become sure about locking.  In my idea Pull your door or lock.

Suppose that you leave your hotel room during evening, Must switch on the light and start television to make another fool. If you are on a trip from your office and must ask for a Travel Insurance. This Travel Insurance is very Useful. It can include Medical Emergency and other Protection during your travel. You must equipped with all necessary things that help you in a Medical Emergency. In many parts of the country many travelers can become victim of danger Vein Thrombosis. This risk for all age people. If you are young you might become a victim. Take Precaution To save from this. Never seat at  the same seat for longer duration of time. It will harm you.  At regular interval take walking or stretch your body. During Trip drinking water is important. Drink as a much water you can drink.  During your trip, walking is important that make your blood circulation proper and in a right way.  Suppose that this trip plans with your family, Try to sit around your family. Kids are very naughty. Keep your eyes on your kids. You must inform your kids about the trip. In case they mismatched at that time they can easily find you. Decide a place that is known by all the family member during your trip. Kids can easily fall in the words of another stranger. Teach your children to avoid such strangers. If you follow these useful tips during your trip it will make your trip full of enjoyment and happier.

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