Rainy season is the favorite season of many people. People love to go for holidays during this season. But driving in rain is not an easy task at all. You surely need skill for driving in rainy season. Driving in rain is not ideal time to drive as we can face few unwanted problems. But experienced people can handle it very well. Let me tell you I am not that experienced in driving but still I do a lot of travels with my family. And I had got many good tips related to driving from the people who can drive really well. So from my little experience and from those tips I got, I can share few good tips which can be useful to you for driving during rainy season. It can be surely useful to anyone. So here they are.

First make sure wiper is in good condition

This is important thing during rainy season. Wipers of car are the most basic thing which we can’t be ignore during rain. So make sure it is in working condition. You can have good service of them or repair them before monsoon season starts so that you can easily see through front glass when you are driving during rain. I have seen few people just ignore them in the laziness and but it is important thing to check out before monsoon starts. That is not proper that you go for repair work after you face the problem. Never took chance in your laziness. So be smart and always stay prepared.

Make sure tires are in good shape

Well, this is also important thing during rainy season. During rainy season it is common that our car’s tires got slip when we use break. So make sure that your car’s tires are not that old and worn because such old tires can slip even more on the wet roads. Such slippery roads can cause big damage or accident if driver don’t able to control the car. So if your car's tires are too old or they are not in good shape then better you change them before monsoon starts. New tires can give good grip even in the wet roads in comparison to those old tires. So keep this thing in mind too and check your tires condition before rainy season starts.

Drive slowly in the rain

As I mentioned driving in the rainy season is not that easy. So better we go slowly than our normal speed if we face rain during driving. You may be a very good driver but it may possible that other car driver around you made mistake and it can cause you problem. So if you will go slowly in such time you can easily manage and handle your car. So car speed should be slow even in the slow rain. And in heavy rains our speed will be down by default as we can’t see properly because of it. So even there is not more traffic on the road you should slow down your car if you facing rain. There are many reasons to slow down you car.

Avoid heavy rain or stop your car if you face during driving

Now let’s talk about driving during heavy rain. If see that rain is too much heavy to drive then you can always postpone your work as no work is that important than your life. Driving in heavy rain is really very risky in many ways especially at night. So better you don’t go for drive during that time. Suppose you face such heavy rains when you are already on the way. Then first thing is you should slowdown your car as I mentioned above. Then you should checkout proper place on the highway to park your car and you should take a rest and stop the car until the rains stop or get lighter so you can drive properly. I have done this many times when I have to my car because of heavy rain. I am not alone; I have seen many clever people doing the same thing to be safe. So don’t take any kind of risk even you are in hurry. Life is important so it is more preferable to stop the car if you face heavy rain on the way of your journey.

Use of Headlight

You should use headlights during rainy season. Many times it happens that driver is not able to see things until they come very close because of heavy rain. So it would be better if you put on your headlight (not the full one, use parking light) when you are driving. So that other drivers can see your car from the proper distance too and can drive more carefully. This is for your own safety so that other people can see your car properly and don’t make any mistakes. So you should also know about use of headlight in certain weather. If you think weather is bit cloudy and vision is not that clear then you should certainly use the car headlight. So make sure you are using it too.

Keep some distance from car ahead you

I don’t know whether you have noticed this thing anytime or not. But the experienced person should have known about this thing. During rainy journey car going ahead you can spread soil, water and other dirt of road on your car. This can make your front glass dull and you will get bad vision from it. So better you keep distance from the car going ahead you so that your front glass doesn’t get more dirty. Well, if rain is good enough then your glass can get clean but in slow rain it can give problems for more time. So better you keep this thing in mind and keep enough distance from car going ahead of you.

Keep your eyes on other cars to avoid damaged roads

I have seen this tactic used by some experienced drivers. In rainy season it is possible that roads get damaged. And because of more rain water will fill those damage and you can’t see them directly because of water. In such case keeping your eyes on other cars will always help you. I mean by seeing car going ahead of you can always calculate about road conditions and if that car is facing more road damage then you can go slow or take side way too. So by seeing other cars during driving can always give you idea about condition of roads which will help you to have safer journey during monsoon.  

Avoid unknown roads which are full of water

In the heavy rain it is possible that roads get full of water that you can’t even see roads. Well, if roads are known to you then it is okay but if the road is unknown then better you avoid such road or wait for other car which passes that passage which is full of water so you get the idea about road condition. Such roads may have got more damage because of rain and you never know your car can get stuck too. So better you take care of it and avoid such roads.

Use AC in foggy weather

This tip I got from my uncle. During rainy days you may have noticed many times that due to foggy weather your front glass vision got blurred. In that case you have to clear the glass from inside using some piece of cloth. Well, you have even better way to make your glass clear and remain clear from that foggy weather. Just close all the windows and on the Air Conditioner of your car. Believe me in no time your all glasses will be cleared from that fog and you will get crystal clear vision again. Just try it and you will see the magic yourself. 

So this is it. I have explained all details and knowledge that I gain from my father and other good people who drive really well and of course some of from my own little experience. Just follow above things and I am sure all of them will help you to drive more efficiently during monsoon. So keep your guard up always. Have fun and have safe journey.

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