Monsoon has almost started in North India. People are enjoying the relief they have got from the extreme summer. But unfortunately the change in temperature brings along with it a host of diseases. The most common diseases one gets during such times are cold and flu. One can fall prey to such diseases during the temperature change ifone is not careful. Let us see how these can be prevented.

Infections spread fast during monsoon

It is true that bacterias and infections spread quickly during the monsoon increasing the chances of sickness. There is excess moisture during the rainy season and the temperature is low. This makes for an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacterias and infections.

Change your diet during the monsoon

Our immune system tends to get low during the monsoon. The change in climate makes one prone to  cough, cold, fever and throat infections. And one mistake people make during such time is that they continue to use ACs or to drink cold liquids. As a result they get sick. If one is not careful one can even get viral fever and similar complications.

 Avoid these bad habits during the monsoon

It is often seen that one comes indoors from the sun, sips cold liquids and then immediately turns on the AC. This sudden change in temperature makes one sick. Also take care of your personal hygiene during the monsoon. Wash your hands frequently with a medicated hand wash. This simple step will prevent your chances of falling sick. Add some salt to lukewarm water and gargle it before sleeping at night. Also try hot water steam inhalation. Consult your doctor immediately if you develop high fever for no apparent cause during the monsoon. Take care of your diet. Avoid eating food from local hotels during this time. Avoid eating spicy, fried and junk food. Drink lots of water and eat healthy home made food. Never drink contaminated water. If you are unsure of the quality of the water you are drinking, boil it and filter it before drinking. While travelling drink only packaged mineral water.

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