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  • Re: Practice of Sati in Hinduism is great blot on the religion

    by » 3 years ago

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    MG Singh wrote:
    usha manohar wrote:

    The major difference is that they have lawsin place to minimize gender discrimination unlike us. 

    Well,  when they make gender equality laws they are trashed.  The laudable triple Yet the bill didn't get passed and when SC opens door to Sabarimala temple for all an agitation fanned by BJP spreads. What is one to do. The BJ P has its own concept of gender equality rooted in Ram Rajya. How silly considering Ram made Sita go through a Agniparikshan. It is a party with medieval roots. 

    It is not fair to blame one party. In coming election it may be possible that party other than BJP will be come in power. We will watch what that party will do different than BJP in Sabrimala case and Ram Mandir. All parties are hungry of votes so they do which increase theirs vote bank.

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