There is nobody in the world who does not have problems in his life,even a priest remains worried about his connection with God,when we got struck in a problem,at that moment we think it's the end of the story,we pressurize ourselves a lot but soon the storm goes we became normal and them the cycle repeats.It's fine and normal sometimes to feel pressured but most of the people went to extreme levels to torture and trap themselves in the guilt for not being able to deal well with the situation.

Let's try to deal with those daily problems with some more efficient ways.It is well said that at first you have to look as far as you can in life to be prepared about everything and then if you got stuck in a problem you should go deep inside it to solve it without any rush but what most of the people chose to do is exact opposite of this.The view of seeing the problem objectively and applying practical solutions to them is what can make you free from the stress but not from the responsibility of solving your issues,this is what makes it simple but rarely tries and tested.The holy book of your life has to be created by you with the help of your logical and emotional side,this can help in resisting most of the storms to create more mess in your life.



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