How it Started?

The world is very beautiful. So our society is. Though there are unavoidable incidents and accidents keep on occur. Life & Death has always been mysterious. But if taken preventive measures, with proper knowledge, practice and alertness, some of them can be avoided.

Personally, I feel the pain & terror when I hear the losses of lives. I cry! They are some one’s beloved…. Family, father, mother, friends, wife, husbands, kids & even pets… I am sure you too feel the same…

There are thousands of examples and cases in which because of lack of awareness / knowledge/ alertness, people have suffered from some or other injuries/death … but it is very hard to explain in words what I feel about it.

It started with the observation of my surroundings and meeting with people. Knowingly or unknowingly, they live unsafe life and are making other’s life unsafe too. I felt that there a lack of awareness about “How to Be Safe & Secure.”

There have been deep sorrow and some rages in my heart due to such incidents, but it was when the terrorist attacked school kids and taken away innocent souls. Those bullets went deep in my heart. It moved me from top to toe, my mind became zero.

My soul was trying to tell me something…. I took a deep breath & listened to my inner voice.

“I want to contribute some of my life to create Safe & Secure Society & Culture, I want to educate all about it.”

“It is not only Government, and Government Agencies’ responsibility to take care of all Safety & Security aspects. Have we ever thought how hard they are working for us day and night? Was there ever a single thought aroused in us that being a part of society let us take some initiatives and responsibilities? “

“Let us take a step to join and support the government to make our society more and more batter place to live. Let is take the responsibility to keep our surrounding Safe & Secure.” 

Always remember “A good safety culture is built over time. It is never given.”


“Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others”  

It is my solely independent decision to start “Being Safe” campaign. I do not belong to any of the party, groups or any other organizations. And my simple philosophy is love & kindness… 

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