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  • Re: Intuition a forewarning....?

    by » 2 years ago

    usha manohar wrote:

    Sometimes people are able to perceive things beyond them either because they are extra perceptive or through sheer co incidence . It happened a few years ago with one of my cousins living in Dubai. She was flying to Mangalore to attend a wedding along with her daughter and her mother living here called her up suddenly 3 days before the flight asking her not to come on that day . She was very insistent and started crying because she had some visions of a plane crash. So my cousin changed her ticket to a day earlier and reached home safely. The flight she had booked earlier crashed the next day while landing in Mangalore and almost all the crew and passengers died . There is no explanation to this but it happened  .

    Oh My god! That kind of clairvoyance is indeed so rare! She must have been really shaken after she heard the news of the plane crash! Imagine what would have happened had she not listened to her mother! She was really really lucky to have that particular lady as her mother!

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    Thank you said by: Saurav Banerjee

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