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Best friend

Best friends are real blessings of our lives.They are not only our friends but also love our lives. That one relationship play many role in our lives.They support and love us like our life partners , they protect us and care for us like siblings.We cannot live without sharing everything with them. They laugh with us like crazy , they make us when we want to cry , they understand us when nobody can. And if  I talk about my best she is love of my life. Even meaning of her name is love and I m her belief(Aastha) ?. We can talk to each other for hours even the whole night without taking a single nap. We celebrate Rakshabandhan instead of friendship day. Isn't it funny? Sometimes we are possessive for each other. And then after sometimes we think- how can we do so?? She sometimes scolds me like my mother, sometimes protects me like an older sister but I enjoy it .

I want to have many friends until she comes into my life. But now I do not need a lot of friends. But all I need is she. I have understood that we do not need many friends but only one true friend.

Have you found your true friend? Does your relationship have some similarity as mine with my best friend? If you also feel so you can tell me.

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2 years ago

a good article explaining about gift of friendship

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