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Have you ever messed up your brain being in your teens or 30s. Well,it is most common for teen's to experience this as this is the phase where they try to think what exactly they are filled with in differentiating the edges between good and bad. Controlling our emotions and thoughts have been a challenging task hereafter teenage amd this the time we end up in unnecessary thoughts which lead's to unnecessary actions.

These can be eventually controlled with ones effort and mindfulness. Some of the most effective ways i have found are listed below. So, just give a try to improvise your personality to better extent.

1. Make an analysis of what exactly is bothering you from regular activities and focus.

This makes yourself to think deeper of what  is troubling you. It could be either sex related issue,overthinking,heated arguments with fellow mates or even emotional imbalance. It is taken into consideration for some extent but when thoughts developed long ago linger in our subconscious, makes powerful desires, which let our goals into vain.

2. Find out the roots to know the cause. 

Generally, external environment poses a serious threat on our developing personality. We humans have a tendency to mimic or act like others where we get influenced by whom we look up to. So, my suggestion is to get remembered by a word "STOP". 

3. Give a halt to your thoughts and start being more practical.

Consider in solving the problems. Dont get carried aways by the situations,act accordingly. Remember that your thoughts always show an impact on situations objectively. So, try solving them and become more aware by stopping the negative thoughts letting in your mind. Get withdrawn from all the negativities your brain has been trying to dump on to you productive things. 

4. Hold on to your focus.

"The more we try to stop,the more it takes the room".

This could be best employed on our personality development. So, start distracting youself in other activities like exercising,yoga and other activities that bring peace and inner serenity. In recent years, it has been proven that meditation around 20-30 minutes a day has increased ones focus. Try getting habituated to such activities.

5. Get acquainted towards the above stated rules.

Lastly, believe in yourself in achieving the above things. This is not at all a night programmed schedule but needs a lot of time to get changed. Having patience is the utmost key in achieving solution to any problem and strive towards excelling every hurdle you face.

Overtime,evrything gets into an orderly manner you want them to be in and this helps you in building a stronger,healthier mental health.


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