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Have you ever thought about the ancient stories, places, and characters mentioned in it that we were grown up listening to exist or not? Or were they just stories or fictions written by some magnificent storyteller who is nothing more than a fascination of his? These types of questions always bothered me. I always held in the captivity of thoughts that can someone write such a story where every minute detail mentioned in it be so exact? So I decided to figure it out on my own that was where my journey for one of the mysterious natural water sources (Kund in Hindi) begins.

Being born and brought in an Indian family, I have always been fascinated by these ancient stories and, one which I adored is the story The Mahabharata and the character Bheem, one of the five Pandavas who said to have visited this mysterious Kund known as BheemKund or NeelKund, located near a small village of Bajna, in Chhatarpur district, Madhya Pradesh India. Therefore to tranquil my allure, I started my journey towards it.

All About Bheemkund

After descending from the flight, I booked a cab and headed towards my destination. As the proverb Journey is more beautiful than the destination as I drew closer to the area, I noticed that the road was covered in frondescence on both sides. It looked to me like a lovely green valley with mountains clothed in greenery and a narrow avenue running between them, with showers providing a crowning touch as I went during the pre-monsoon season. As soon as I arrived, I came upon a temple of Hindu deities, ambushed and awestruck at the same time. I felt as I was living that story that I used to listen to in my childhood. People were singing devotional songs, dancing, and the perfume of incense sticks produced a pristine and inviting atmosphere. Far off, there was a staircase leading down into a cave, where I came across the most-awaited mysterious religious place Bheemkund.

Moreover, bheemkund is a natural water reservoir with crystal clear indigo blue water surrounded by a cave believed to have existed from the era of The Mahabharata, about 5000 to 6000 years. Many stories are associated with this water body be it of Bheem, whom to restore his wife to consciousness, as she fainted of thirst stuck the ground with his mace and a hole was created in the mountain, from which water gushed out and this kund arose, or be it of Narada, a Vedic sage, who performed a celestial song in praise of Lord Vishnu and the latter emerged from this kund turns the water blue because of his dark complexion.

You are probably asking why I referred to this water supply as a mysterious source. The solution lies in its depth, as it is claimed that no one has been able to measure it to date, even though several researchers from reputable sources, including the Discovery Channel team, did various studies but found nothing. Mystically fascinating isn’t it!


Lastly, despite its mysterious fact, the place is divine, from its indigo blue water to red stones walls, from the temple to the small shiva linga to the left of the entrance, from the fragrance of incense sticks to the melody of dance and music, this place intoxicated me. So, if you have ever been perplexed by a location or narrative, what could be better than traveling and tracking it down on your own? I tried it, and I recommend you do the same.             

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