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About 1.5 million engineers are released every year from various colleges throughout the country, but most of them simply do not have the required skill to be employed.The amount of students opting to become engineers is so much that engineering is easily the mass career choice of our country.But the main point to be noted here is the fact that out of the humongous number applicants, few actually have a true passion for engineering, some of them are just applying due to  peer pressure while some are forced by their families to do so.It simply depicts the fact that students are opting for engineering without knowing if they really want to become one.It can also be put in another way that students are not exposed to various other career choices by their respective families,teachers and well wishers.Engineers have been playing a huge role in providing innovation to the society and bring ideas to reality but the quality of the engineers in this country has shrunk overtime.

India might be the only country where the number of coaching institutes are more in number than the schools.Around 1.2-1.5 million students appear for JEE mains every year and then around 1-2 lakh appear for JEE advanced.Finally, about 10000 of them get into the IITs while the remaining get into NIT and other colleges. IIT is considered to be the best for engineering but the thing to worry is the fact that there is not enough infrastructure to accommodate more than 10000 students into IITs .Barring the top 100 candidates,the top 1 lakh entrants can all be considered liable to get into an IIT and it can be said that some of the top 1 lakh had a good day while some had an off day at the examination.Also not every IITian gets placed in big companies, most of them remain jobless even after attaining a B-tech degree from the nation's best engineering college.One big reason for this is that most students after toiling in their respective coaching classes,become quite work-shy in the college.This is not only the story of the IIT but also of other colleges in the country.This simply contributes to the fact that the engineers released from their respective colleges lack the skill needed for their job and these include a majority of those 1.2 million people that appear for JEE mains.

A majority of the students opt for engineering just because they get influenced by others,not realizing their best career option.Most of them have not looked beyond engineering and try forcing themselves to strive at this profession.Finally, a big chunk of the latest engineers lack the skill required and the story is similar each year.Students should be double checking themselves before deciding if engineering is the best option for them because preparing to become one takes a huge toll on someone who lacks interest.Having interest in a particular job means that the particular person will have a natural advantage in doing his job.The tale remains same since most of the students are pursuing engineering just for the sake of earning money rather than playing a pivotal role in bringing innovation whereas the ones who have skill mostly go abroad since there they get better opportunities.

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