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The movie Bride and Prejudice is an Indian adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice by Gurinder Chadha. The movie is often seen as a typical Indian version of a great novel transformed into a mere singing of songs around trees. However, in order to see it's beauty one must probe into different aspects of contemporary significance that this 2004 movie deals with. 'Globalization' is one such aspect. This traditional English love story has been transformed into an Indian-American love story while keeping it's soul intact. Not only the love story, other incidences and misunderstandings are the same as the novel, but also the names of characters mostly remain similar or unchanged. So what has changed is the setting and based upon that, the various issues related to an age have also changed. This movie deals with 'Globalization'. With advancement in technology and media, anything happening in one part of the world affects the whole world. Thus, people's culture, lifestyle, dressing etc. has also been affected. Bride and Prejudice is set in India and depicts an India which is affected by globalization. Here beautiful scenes of agricultural lands are presented with Aishwarya Rai looking at the work of those fields clad in western outfit, a perfect example of globalization. Lalita and Darcy's conversations also throw light upon various economic aspects in contemporary world. Here Darcy's pride from traditional novel has been substituted by the question of bride in contemporary India and different perspectives of people about that all over the world. Elizabeth's prejudice remains the prejudice of Lalitha, the Indian Elizabeth (protagonist) in the movie. However Elizabeth had prejudice based upon Darcy's pride while Lalitha has prejudice again an American Darcy because he is American. Austen's novel was local, completely set in England. But the movie shows movement between India, Europe and America in a manner as if they were different cities in the same state or country. The love stories also take place between Indian Jaya (Jane from novel) and Indian-English, England based Bingley; and between American Darcy and Indian Lalitha. Apart from these aspects, Ashanti's song which is not just an item number but also the soul of globalization has been particularly placed in the movie as a performance and presentation of a mini global world which is multilingual and has people from all over the world. Hence the beauty of this movie lies in it's global interaction of cultures, thoughts, people, and geography (by shortening the distances through frequent travels) which deals with contemporary issues of the world. 

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