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2 years ago

How difficult is it to not be together even after living together. How hard to find love in the relationship. Love story basically grow till then we meet her and said yes u are always right even if it's wrong.and we know that he is going on wrong path.but stil he is gud . because we are in love with him.he remember us when he has no choice and they makes us feel like no one else can love u as much as I love you . because of being busy he can't gives us time .and we think they loves us so much.but in reality he fulfills his needs and agian we think he will ever leave this world and come to me.and when he dies they take my name in own heart .or express our feelings. And tells us u are the only person whom he wanted .in the childhood we are used to play with toys and now people are playing with us.its true that love is lie . and only false love seems to be is love  that life starts form this and end on it.

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