• Kokborok kok-Reke ni kokthai

    “The Kokborok Kokreke is one of

  • Love Proposal

    If you love someone , go for it . what are you afraid of ? Rejection? Are you sure you will get rejected ? Why not give it a try? Even if you got rejected ,you will atleast have mental peace that you atleast confessed.You will learn a lesson from it . Sitting at a place and doing nothing .

  • mars knowledge

    It is the inside of Earth which produces immense attractive fields, which thus helps in keeping up with the planet's environment.

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    Earth's inside is cooling at a

  • Neelratna Dam

    The Neelratna Dam is located in the Gobi village of Ambartalla. It is 920 feet high and 1,112 feet in length. It is expected to provide up to 4,000 megawatts of hydroelectric power. You can hear the gushing echoes of these falls even from a far distance. Neelratna Dam is

  • Not a cup of tea

    The festival was at its heights. The autumn months in India are

  • Payment details on boddunan

    Where am I supposed to filly payment detail, and also can you please make this site more easy to navigate. I am not able to edit my profile as it shows some error, but doesn't tell me what the error actually is

  • Politics Mind Game

    If you think logically politicians are smartly diverting our focus on Hinduism for vote bank. Public thinks our leader are so nationalist but they aren't aware of political agendas. If you need to understand politics you have to think like politician. We all know hindus are in majority and

  • pre primary schooling

    Pre-essential schooling is viewed as vital for the kid as it is the initial move towards entering the world of information just as a sound and intentional life. Pre-primary instruction assists youngsters with getting freer also, certain just as advancing the inside and

  • Private Detectives

                      Private Detectives

    Most of us are familiar with the profession ‘Private Detective’ but not everyone knows how they actually operate or how to pursue this

  • Programming - A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

    2019 was the time of TypeScript. Not just has TypeScript become the defector decision for adding information types to JS code, numerous designers are regularly choosing for use it over vanilla JavaScript for both individual undertakings and at work. 


    In the Stack

  • PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Version Update: Patch notes, new guide, vehicles, record size, download APK, and that's only the tip of the iceberg

    PUBG Mobile 1.4 update 


    With Krafton reporting the restoration of PUBG Mobile in India (under the new moniker-Battlegrounds Mobile India), it has absolutely caused huge invigoration among players who were hanging tight for the game's relaunch for quite a long time.

  • Python Programming Language

    Python is an interpreted high-

    Question about Articles on gadgets?

    Hello Admin and Moderators, 

    As far as I remember, there was gadget(mobile) review section on boddunan in past. I can't find it now. So suppose if I am describing about any gadget like phone or other stuffs, will it count as Article? Is it eligible for cash credit ? 

  • Rethinking water usage

    Few days back it was all Chennai in the news for water scarcity and now the news is flowing about the floods in various parts of our country like Kerela, Mumbai Etc. Where on one hand in Chennai it was costing a lot to even have water to drink; on the other hand people are dying because of

  • Sāṣṭāṅga can increase your oxygen lavel 25% up


    Lay down on your belly

    Touch 8 point of your body to the ground-

  • The Art of Signature Analysis

    Most people enjoy while signing on any paper.They are alert,conscious and totally concerned while signing any paper or document.It is because of the fact that while signing your muscles are coordinated in a more or less writing movement.Just like fingerprints,no two

  • The Habit of Reading

    The poet Robert Southey states that books are his "never-failing friends". In fact, books are the best friends a man can have. They are always available to us. If we have the habit of reading, we can understand how intimate can our relationships be with books.

    Reading c...



    The More, The Merrier



  • The Most Efficacious Ways To Conserve Wildlife

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