• A Super Computer That Can Predict Your Death !

    Apparently some super brains have come up with a super computer that can predict your death with almost 100% accuracy ! Of course these are early days and we have to wait and see how this develops and whether we can make plans for our tomorrows once when we know for sure when we are going to

  • Ghosts and their existence

    I would like to share an interesting and ever solved the mystery in this article Everyone is curious to know what happens after death, do life exists after Do ghosts/spirits really exist? If so, did anyone witnessed, how they appear/ do they communicate and many such questions revolve in mind.

  • Ode To Death

    Ode To Death

    Veteran Actor Manorama dies at 78

    Legendary Actress Manorama Passed away on 10th October 2015 and almost the whole industry was shocked . She was kindly called as ” Aachi ” by her fans and the whole