I would like to share an interesting and ever solved the mystery in this article Everyone is curious to know what happens after death, do life exists after Do ghosts/spirits really exist? If so, did anyone witnessed, how they appear/ do they communicate and many such questions revolve in mind. Some are good, some bad stories. Some come from nowhere, and some after accidents or suicides or they just happen to live there. 

Coming from a science background and being practical, I practice, I always believe in evidence-based happenings. Most of us have heard many stories on ghosts and their existence after-life from our friends, neighbors, movies about the existence or encounter with the paranormal living things calling them ghosts, spirits, even genies and so on. I personally never believed in their existence as I have never encountered one in my thirty years of life. At times, out of curiosity, I along with some like-minded, daring friends used to visit so-called haunted places to find any luck to capture such mysterious living forms but never came across one. 

We have been visited some old buildings, forests spread along some highways, abandoned places after some citings or creepy stories. Yes, we have heard many tales, but most of them turned to be related to territorial disputes eventually, stirred-up some stories in an act to occupy the properties for a throw-out price by subjecting people to false allegations. 

In the present world, when the technology is so advanced, when we are able to capture other planets that are 'n' times far away from earth when we are able to see minute microorganisms under an electron microscope that magnifies them 'n' number of times, we are able to dive into the depths o dark see using specially designed technologies, we still come across only very poorly recorded/captured small clips of about 1-2 minutes of what called, claimed to be ghosts/spirits and rest of them are all thanks to photoshop and other computerized technologies.

There are professionals/ specialists who specifically deals with some invisible energies and they also have developed some instruments to record their existence, to detect the abnormal energies emitted by the source and claim to prove their existence which is not visible to our naked human eye. Their instruments are sensitive to detect paranormal energies that could be emitted by some sources like wells, closets, tunnels, chambers and dark closed rooms. Some also claim that they feel humid/ heat/freezing cold when they try to get close in those paranormal energy sensing areas. Some also complain of foul smell which is not detected at the same place in the day time. 

This world is in fact filled with infinite curious things and humanity has exposed only a fraction part of nature. Who knew there is petrol, gold, platinum, other precious metals, fossils, and other plenty of natural resources hidden inside this living ball? Who knew that there's life under water which spreads across 70% of the planet? Humans are already exploring other planets in search of life and resources and hope if not believe that one day they will find an answer to our question about ghosts, spirits, life after death.

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