Modi and politics

  • Is CBI vs The State a reform for the Indian politics or it is just politics for holding the power.

    Power is what defines a political leader the most nowadays. 

    Can CBI be arrested like this by a state's police forces.

    Is it Legal or Political.

  • To what level can a political party stoop to slander a popular leader? this is something the Congress party seems to have mastered, amply proved by the Ishrat Jehan case .They concealed evidence and did everything possible to malign Modi and BJP. But truth cannot be hidden for long since the

  • Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar opined to kill terrorist with terrorist. He said most of cross border terrorists are hired for money so why should not we do the same. He said you have to neutralize and finish terrorist with terrorist.


  • In 2014, after almost 65+ years of moribund rule, a wave swept India. This was the Modi wave and in the Hindi Speaking states and the western part of India, the BJP swept to power with an absolute majority. This was a victory chiseled by Modi and all the credit must go to him. One thought that


    What do you think about BJP, Do you think BJP deserves another 5 years of our trust. Or Congress can have a better chance at defeating BJP in the forthcoming elections. Which political party do you think will perform better for our nation in the next 5 years.

  • NarendraModi must remain an enigma as with almost half of his tenure over, he has failed to deliver on all that he had promised. He talked big before the election, but 2 years down the line, it is difficult to fathom why he never moved an inch in all that he had promised. Modi is thus not a

  • Currently Modi is going to visit China to meet their giant e-commerce CEO's, Alibaba company is one of them and to talk and make arrangements to encourage their investments in India. Hope it will be successfull to bring employment to our youth.

  • Narendra Modi came to power with a lot of goodwill. He promised a new era and and a new beginning , but one year down the line one must ask the question that, has he performed better than the Congress and the previous government  headed by ManMohan Singh? I remember ManMohan Singh in an

  • In 2014, the nation was in a state of despair. The Congress party which had ruled for 10 years was guilty of many acts of misdemeanor and corruption had taken the drivers seat, with an ineffectual prime minister in ManMohan Singh who turned out to be a yes man of the Gandhi-Nehru family.

  • Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. He ha scripted a rise which almost reads like a fairy tale. But like in all fairy tales there is perhaps an ogre or a witch. Narendra Modi before becoming prime minister was the chief minister of Gujarat. He won his spurs as an astute administrator

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    Narendra Damodar Modi is the Prime Minister of India. He has had a checkered career and risen to great heights from a not so affluent background.

  • What will be next action by PM Modi? First action like notebandi was very difficult so now people afraid that what will be next action. I am feeling system operation is necessary time to time as Modi is doing currently.