How a married woman should deal with in laws

Introduction A new bride takes time to adjust with her in laws. There are new relationships in the new house. Each relationship is different and the new bride has to handle all the new relationships. How should the new bride deal with her in laws?...

Love the secret for a sucessfull relationship

Introduction They say love is a beautiful thing at the heart of all relationships. If we are line everything in life appears to be nice. Our body and mind are responsible for meeting day to day challenges. Love teaches us how to take our...

Love Marriages vs Arranged Marriages

Hi All, Do you ever fall in love? Do you like arranged marriage or love marriage? Now express yourself. Nowadays most hot topic is love marriages. We are seeing many incidents, success stories and failure stories every day. What is your opinion...

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Should the Politician whose name is in the data of "Swiss Bank" should be given Punishment ?

Should the Politician whose name is in the data of "Swiss Bank" should be given Punishment ?
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madugundu krishna
Pollution Ecological pollution is a health hazard. Besides it grievously hurts the ecology. The following are some of the terms associated with ecological
jasmeet singh
2G and 3G network pocket office(word,excel,PDF) Voice memo/T9 MP3/AAC player talk time-6hours 30 mins stand by-450 hours photo call phone book-unlimited
  Why the Tribals Are Up in Arms?   The tribal people whom we also call as adivasis are in the news almost with unfailing regularity in recent months.
Santosh Kumar Singh
Should India allow sex education in every school? Something like sex education deserves discretion. I have a reason when I say so. India is still bounded
One Saint lived in Forest. He did his regular spiritual activities. One fine day, one rat ran fast and came to him. It's face filled with heavy fear.