AVG 9.0 antivirus software is going to hit the markets this month.

The improvements in the upcoming version can be seen in the speed and the levels of protection offered by it.

The best of the free anti-malware products, AVG 9.0 will being to all its users, including those of the free version, identity theft protection through a partnership with Intersections Inc,

Scan speed has been  improved by marking safe files so that they are not scanned in the future unless they change.

Boot times are also improved and memory usage decreased.

As is the trend in the industry, AVG 9.0 adds white listing, behavioral protection and cloud operations to their signature-based blocking.

The new version adds the Resident Shield, firewall, and identity protection modules.

Improvements in the firewall cut dialogs with the user substantially without sacrificing protection. The LinkScanner component has been improved to cut phishing threats further.

The AVG Identity Theft Recovery Unit is a service that provides access to a team of fraud specialists to AVG customers who feel they may have been victims of identity theft. If they have, the service will review the customer's credit reports and enroll them in daily credit file             monitoring and alerts for 6 months. The customer will also receive assistance in filing all the paperwork necessary to re-establish a clear report.


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