This is body has been gifted to us by the Lord. So is it not our duty to preserve it? Many people tend to laugh at others who give importance to food. They think that all men should have a high and noble aim and give least importance to food. Of course, having an aim in life is a must, but don't you need a healthy body to achieve that aim? Doing some exercises and living on frugal food alone will never help to acquire good health. May be, they might look slim, but not healthy and glowing. Eating healthy and nutritious food and keep your mind relaxed. Health is wealth. If you lose your wealth you can earn it again. But, if you lose your health, it will be very difficult to regain your health. To maintain a good health condition, you have to follow a healthy diet, do regular exercises and also check your blood sugar level and blood pressure level and consult a physician every three months.

It is always better to have a family doctor. If you are above 40, take a glaucoma test once a year. Try to reduce your weight, if you are fat. Obesity after 40s will worsen your health. Maintain the fitness of your body. Think that you are a famous hero/heroine and that thousands of fans are watching you everyday. You will automatically do everything to maintain the shape and health of your body.

The next important thing - don't tax your mind and heart with worries. Keep your head cool. If you get tensed often, it will certainly reflect on your health. You must have heard doctors saying that only a few muscles work when we smile and that a great number of muscles work out when we cry. So keep smiling and let your muscles relax. If some problem or trouble troubles you, just listen your favourite music or do your favourite hobby like reading a book or playing chess. Try to come out of stress as soon as possible. If your aim is to earn great wealth, obviously your path to success is going to be stressful. Stress and depression are like slow poison. They will worsen your health and shorten your life. There is yet another easier way to relax your mind. If you have children or grand children, play with them. If you don't have children at home, just watch children playing in the street or your neighbourhood. As far as I know, children are the best relievers of stress. 

Prevention is better than cure. So, never forget to take necessary preventive measures to escape from seasonal diseases. I will give you a tip. Eat some fresh neem leaves everyday in empty stomach. No disease will dare come near you. 

Have a healthy body and healthy mind and lead a happy life. If you are healthy, you can work better. If you work better, you can earn more. Therefore, you can earn great wealth only with a good health. Healthy and wealthy living!

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