There can be many reasons for skin allergy from wrong diet to air pollution. If you are getting red rashes that itch you can infer that you have developed a skin allergy. Skin allergies can range from red spots, rashes, black spots, pimples to acne. If uncontrolled, skin allergy can escalate to complications like psoriasis and eczema and then become difficult to control. Let us discuss skin allergies and how to prevent them.  

Causes of skin allergies

Some people can get an allergy from cow's milk, eggs and fish. Some people can get allergies from other foods. Chemicals in water can lead to wrinkles on the face for some people, the reason being that such chemicals are absorbed by the skin. Chlorinated water is a cause for allergy in many people. That is the reason why people are asked to take a shower after taking a bath in swimming pools. People can get skin allergies from polluted air too, the reason being that bacteria and other toxins can enter the skin through polluted air. It is seen that many people who get a tattoo on the skin can also get skin allergies. The ink used in making a tattoo can cause skin allergy. Your clothes can cause a skin allergy too! The chemicals used in creating fabrics and in making prints on them can cause allergies. If detergent is not removed properly from clothes after washing them, it can cause allergy too. Change in climate causes allergies in some sensitive people. When the climate changes the amount of pollens in the air increases which causes skin problems. Skin allergies can cause mild to severe itching and wounds in the skin that may even bleed. If not treated in time, these can become very troublesome. Some people can get allergies from plastic things, artificial ornaments, soaps and cosmetics. This kind of allergy is also known as contact dermatitis. It is not true that only adults and the elderly get skin diseases. Babies can get it too. Diapers can cause skin rashes on them. Many babies get red spots on their skin after birth and the rashes usually go away with time.

Additional factors that cause allergies

  • Perfumes, deodorants, room fresheners, detergents and body sprays  can cause skin allergies.
  • Hair dye is known to cause skin allergy in the scalp and even hair fall. A chemical known as PPD is responsible for doing this.
  • Chemicals like starch used on clothes after washing them can cause skin allergies.
  • Chemicals in cosmetics can cause skin allergies. They can even cause redness of the eyes and red spots on the skin.

Tips for prevention

  • Fruits are known to prevent and even cure skin problems. Eat them daily.
  • On getting an allergy, don't use soap to wash your face. Use a mild face-wash. Calamine lotion is also okay.
  • Use anti allergy medications prescribed by a reputed doctor.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin B and C.
  • Allergy can be reduced by rubbing olive oil on the skin.
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. It is surprising how many people don't take this simple yet effective step. Water hydrates and cleans your skin and also flushes out toxins.

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