Nature of physical activities: In general, nutritionists suggest three types of physical activity: the limited exercise regime, the regime of severe physical exercise and the regime of enhanced stress. The first type consists of walking and light exercise activity at home. The second type of treatment involves a significant increase in physical activity, such as twice-weekly trips to the gym and walking. The third type is based on the daily regime of playing sports, be it at a gym or sports club, recreation outside the city, walking and jogging. Of course, everyone can choose their own regime, which will help them stay in shape and not gain weight. 

Gymnastics at Home: Active prevention of obesity in the home includes a gym. Regularity is the most important thing here. A set of exercises should include exercises for all major muscle groups. Classes are best to start with warm-up of all parts of the body, head and neck, upper and lower extremities, and the trunk. One of the most useful exercises will be rotational movements of the head, hands, and elbow and shoulder joints and leg joints. After a bit you can pull a muscle. For example, the maximum side slopes of the neck to help pull the neck muscles.

From a standing position you should bend at the waist, in which the need to press the chest to the knees will help pull the muscles of the back of the leg. By the way, the gym can replace walk for two kilometers. If you are too lazy to do gymnastics, you can put on a tracksuit and walk for an hour at a moderate pace.

Sport walks and jogging: At the same time during the walk, you can accelerate and decelerate the pace of walking, doing high leg raises ("step Soldier"), high bending thighs (about fifty to sixty steps), pulling the bent knee to the chest, jumps, squats on the go.

Each approach takes a few minutes to go a step and is not a quick, deep breath. For more complex exercises before leaving the house on your feet you can wear sports weighting. At first you want to use weighting to the low weight (eg, 500 grams). You can then take the weighting of large weight - pounds or two. You can interchange walking with jogging. Hurrying yourself is not necessary; the meanings of these walks are the return of muscle tone and strengthen their own well-being.

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