Salt too like sugar is considered as a slow poison. If sugar is compared to sweet poison, then salt can be very well referred as sour poison. We add salt to most of the food items that we consume regardless of whether it is cooked food or raw food like salad. This salt which is added to various food stuffs when consumed in excess produces adverse effects on our body. To reduce these ill-effects, our kidney has to constantly throw out excess of salt from body and thus it has to work excessively. As a result of this excess of load is exerted on it. Consequently, kidney disorders develop and sometimes kidneys may even become function less.

It is true that salt adds to the flavor of food but its excessive consumption is not good for health. It is well known to all of us that in absence of salt no food can be prepared. We are so much addicted to it. We can't even imagine our meals prepared in its absence and consider it to be an important element which adds to the taste as well as considered to be important in traces for achieving good health. However, it is been proved by scientists and medical experts that for good health we do not require to consume even small traces of salt in our daily diet.

Today mankind is suffering from numerous diseases and disorders. Salt is considered to be one of the major causes of these diseases and disorders. Salt is also considered to stop absorption of calcium in body. This has resulted in weak bones and teeth. It is responsible in one way or other for causation of headache, insomnia, migraine, heart diseases, deafness, kidney disorders, hiccups, sinusitis etc..... Excessive salt consumption also play an important role in causation of cancer. It retains water in the body. This results in weight gain. Thus, dietitians often recommend to reduce daily salt intake to reduce body weight. It also increases blood pressure which is very common disorder among us today. This disorder if not treated early can cause large number of complexities and chronic diseases.

Human body only requires 1.5gm of salt per day. This requirement can be easily fulfilled by 50gm of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables we consume in our daily diet fulfills requirement of salt in our body. Thus, there is no need to consume excessive salt. Its excessive consumption has lots of disadvantages over advantages. A person who does excess of physical work requires more amount of salt in his diet. This is because his body sweats out salt and thus it has to be replenished back. If it is not done then that person will experience weakness, body pain due to its deficiency.

Many of us today suffer from insomnia. Reducing salt intake can treat this disorder completely and a person will never complain of being sleep deprived. High blood pressure patients should reduce their salt intake which will greatly help them in keeping their blood pressure within normal range. If we reduce daily consumption of salt in our diet then it will help in the improvement of our overall health. In contradiction to this, if we consume salt in excess then our body will become prone to various diseases and disorders and we need to face many complexities.

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