Sports and waste are sorry to many almost inseparable. They are therefore often a stumbling block on which a waste attempt failed. On this page we will successively more you'll have to explain why exercise or move if you want lose weight, what you can do this relatively easily and how to exercise "fun" to create and sustain.

Loss weight or fat without exercise. Can it?

Many people wonder whether it is necessary to play sports or exercise to lose weight. The answer to this question is not the same for everybody, but most people will be that if they want to lose weight permanently, they may have to move. Below explains why.

Why is the (often) need to exercise if you want to lose weight?

The impact of sports on your fat loss to understand, you must first know how your body the daily amount of calories used. Approximately 60 -70% of energy via our food we used to breathe, our heart to beat, brains and other organs to work, summarized for us to live without any effort. Of the remaining 30% are between 10 and 15% used for digestion. The last 15 to 20% is used for all other physical activities: standing, walking, running, muscle movement, sports ...

In people with little movement is relatively little energy verbuikt by muscles, this consumption is for example only 8% of total energy consumption compared to 15-20% more active people (see above). You understand that there is an energy surplus occurs when the person eats as much as the person who stops moving, this excess energy is usually converted into fat. To reduce the excess energy you choose to go diets (eat less), or you can move around more. The big problem with diets is that the pounds are soon arrive when the diet is stopped, the so-called yo-yo effect . Precisely because this yoyo effect is not recommended if you continue to diets to lose weight. The best way to ensure that more calories are burned than are entering is through exercise.

More moving so ...How?

The opportunities to increase their exercise are endless and it always sounds easier than it is in real life will be. There are a lot of tricks fairly easy to imagine even in a full and busy life yet to come to the movement you need to lose weight.

*Tips to increase physical activity:
* You need somewhere close to home? walk.or  Grab your  bike
* Call -your -lot? Go walk around the drop with the phone in your hand.
* Course for that one special letter to the mailbox (and combine it with non-supermarket visit)
* Take the stairs instead of the elevator
* Do some housekeeping in the house, go outside in the garden or at work
* Wash your own car
* Step off the bus one stop early and walk the last part. Bus missed? Walk  to the--next--stop.
* Walk to work alongside your colleagues instead of calling or emailing. The same goes for family and friends, going along instead to call them!
* Go dancing, this may well be at home on your favorite music, or in the pub with friends.
* Go often just a walk in your thoughts on a row or set as during the lunch break, a breath of fresh air.
* You're far behind the PC? Take an active stance instead of sagging, thus you train the muscles of your back and you look at the same time more active and confident than when you hang.

More moving through exercise

One obvious way to allow more movement out and lose weight naturally is through exercise. Sport is an exceptional phenomenon, there are people who swear at and people who hate. The intermediate group is really little, although naturally there are enough people who dislike going to the gym ... Are you a sports hater, but still want to start? Remember that often start easier than persevere and continue. Start and stop very quickly is often demoralizing (and associated negative effects on your weight). Therefore start with only a sport if you are sure that you at least a while will persevere, it might help to co sports (social pressure). Note the way it is obviously not a problem to try a new sport, if sport is not like that will not soon demoralizing because you know in advance that you maybe only once will do. You in this mindset is very important!

How can you sustain sports and "fun" are:

There are several options when it comes to sports. You can choose to own a workout, or you can go to a gym. Both have their pros and cons, as does a gym such as money, but you do have guidance that you schedule appointments, and you can motivate. Whatever you choose, the most important of all is: start quietly and set yourself realistic goals. Want to eg run, choose the start for a short tour this building and to progressively longer distances. Do not expect miracles and throw the towel in the ring when things are still disappointing, is it better to meet the goals down to draw, make the circle even less so on the other side of the coin, if it is just okay please be proud and reward yourself in any form whatsoever.

As detailed above, First often not the problem that is persistent. Motivation to continue, you can get from various sources. Consider for example that insufficient move the risk of heart disease and other diseases significantly increased prosperity. Besides true: if you take your sports humor, and you'll feel fitter and more energetic, you fall at night to sleep easier and your morning wake up easier. And probably the most important of all, you will look healthier and slimmer eventually! However, these benefits for yourself, you will first and foremost step to take to themselves really seriously and get started.

Do you have trouble getting your motivation to workout, remember that physical activity has some other advantages:
It promotes fitness because muscles grow. This makes you feel fit and less fatigue.
Through physical activity run faster and waste that is good for health.
Physical activity reduces stress, tension and depression.
If you taste once you tackle, you faster than ever to get your target weight.

Are-you- a- drop-out?
On is an interesting article on the approach to sports by people who are inclined to hooks. The gist of the story: We are inclined to give us only to focus on results-oriented goals such as losing weight and slim legs. But if you're too focused on process-oriented objectives such as connecting the good feeling about yourself to exercise and eat healthy, you have far more chance that you can sustain a healthy life. If you miss a few times training may be a kind of doomsday thinking turning up so you eventually stop completely. Try to avoid this feeling go just as fast as possible and start training again, a few practice again is not bad!

It's all about the feeling you have before you start and during exercise:

As if you were going to move all thinking: "I've got no sense and I do not like it," then chances are that you feel very physically feel that way, with the result that you do not even start exercising. Try before you begin an exercise program, therefore, to think how good you will feel after exercising. This good feeling you alone because you get to sport (you got yourself a sill that helped and always gives a good feeling) and also because during sports fabrics are created where you will feel better!

See also the discussion in our forum, make sports fun & maintain?

Which sports are suitable to lose weight?

Sports can be divided into cardio (running, cycling etc.) and strength (especially muscle training). It is best if you're going to exercise, both cardio and strength training to do. Go at a time 30 minutes to an hour workout and try to be as faithful as possible preferably 3, 4 or 5 times a week to train briefly once or twice a week. To answer the above question, any sport where you need physical effort (not chess) is designed to contribute to permanent weight loss. (Incidentally, an increased brain activity provides for a higher energy, so in a sense, even chess helps to lose weight.) Of course there are differences in the energy you verbandt in one sport and another, so here is an overview of some sports and the amount of calories you can burn with it. (Incidentally, it is obviously important to a sport you like or at least bearable than many calories you can accept connections):

Calories per hour (for a 70 kg person, who weighs more will burn):

- Running - p. 300-450 Kcal hours *
- Swimming - up to 600 Kcal p. hours *
- Cy cling - -p. 300-400 Kcal hours *
- Boxing - up to 700 Kcal p. hours *
- Squash - to 600 kcal p. * hours
- Tennis - up to 500 kcal p. hours *
- Rowing - to 550 kcal p. hours *
- Dancing - to 400 kcal p. hours *

* Among others, depending on speed and intensity. Info: look at the fat burning page.

Tips for sports and exercise

The most important, avoid injuries! Always warm up and use good material during exercise (shoes)! Eating just before exercise too much. Take a donut, or crunch muesli bar or a slice of gingerbread. It is good to about two hours before training a meal rich in carbohydrates and little fat. Think of a bowl of porridge or a light dinner, consisting of a few potatoes, some vegetables and a piece of lean meat.
Take no food during physical exertion, but water or isotonic drinks thirst quenchers as yellow AA, Lemon Extran of Aquarius.

If after having read all the above, not sure which sport to play for you, try at least a half hour each day to light exercise and go out eat healthier and eat less . Success!

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