Make your washroom fresh with lemon

Most of the people won't bother about their washrooms in the house. They feel that, washrooms will be some corner in the house, so no one will look at them. So why to show interest in them. They give much importance to the living room and no importance to bathrooms and kitchen. It is believed that bathrooms show the internal mind of the people who are living in the house. The living rooms are compared with the appearance of the human and the washroom cleanliness is compared to internal mind of the human.

Though the bathroom is less spacious but we have to decorate nicely in a well manner according to our comfortability. So we need to follow a few tips like hanging wooden shelves and let the ventilation enter into the was room, so that the air go out and the fresh air come inside the washroom. Therefore, washroom does not smell badly. If you do not maintain the washroom clean then not only you and your family members feel guilty, even people who visit your house also feel guilty. How much importance we give to the other rooms in the home, same importance must be given to the washroom also. 

If you want your washroom to be fresh for whole day without smelling then you need to use air freshener twice in a day or you can light scented candles. These air freshener and scented candles contain chemicals which can dominate the bad smells. But these will work temporarily. 

Let us know how to maintain our washroom fresh for more time by following few tips.

Most of the people place a dustbin in bathrooms for throwing toilet papers, shampoo strips, empty shampoo bottles, soap covers. These dust bins must be cleaned  everyday or at least once in 2days. Then the dustbin must be washed thoroughly with water and dry it in the sun and then place it in the bathroom. The place where we place dustbins in the bathroom must be kept dry always. Though your bathroom is big or small, whether it has tiles or normal floor, but keep the necessary things only in the bathroom. Never keep the empty shampoo bottles, powder bottles and broken buckets in the bathroom

When you want your bathroom to be fresh for longtime, then you should open all the windows doors and shutters open when it is not in use. If you keep all the windows and shutters of bathroom close then the pungent smells in the bathroom will remain in the bathroom itself and forms horrible bad smell. After using the bathroom, we should open the its doors, window doors and shutters and let the fresh air come inside. 

After using the toilet in the washroom, we need to close its cap and press flesh. So that the dirt on the comeout will gets flushed and remain clean. As we arrange the extension fan in the kitchen, similarly extension fan must be placed in the bathrooms also. when pungent smells stay in washroom then we should use this extension fan. If there is no extension fan then we should keep bathroom windows and ventilers always open. You can even use the odonil in the washroom.

When a bathroom is not in use, then it must be kept dry. After taking bath, don't cloth the bathroom doors as the smells and the heat released from our body will go out and keep the bathroom fresh. Therefore, bathroom will soon gets dry. There will be no bad smells in the washroom. If the bathroom is wet then there is a chance for the mosquitoes and insects to enter the bathroom. 

The bad smells can be disappear with the help of lemon. The lemons work as a powerful oxidising agent. So we can use lemon to clean bathroom and the comeout. Due to this, bathroom will be fresh with the citrus acid. 

Don't store water in the bathroom more than one or two days. If we use the stored water for more days, then infections will occur for us. , After taking bath Make habit for all your family members to clean the bathroom with water. Don't ever neglect bathroom, just spend 15 minutes to clean it everyday. Then your bathroom will be fresh and beautiful.

Maintain your bathroom beautiful manner

Everyone maintains their house in well manner but they neglect about bathrooms. The people who have much interest in home decoration they does not bother about the bathroom decoration. Some feel that do bathroom need to be beautiful. Therefore, the home may be much beautiful but bathrooms will look old, bad and dirty.

  1. Whenever you get free time, you have to concentrate on the bathrooms by doing little decorations. Bathroom must be maintained always clean. Though you are busy, but you should not forget or neglect washing or cleaning your bathrooms.
  2. Atleast once in a year you have to pain your bathrooms with light color paints so that they look more spacious and beautiful. 
  3. If you are interested in having curtains for a bathroom then you have to choose the scenery curtains to the bathroom, so that bathroom looks more beautiful and pleasant.
  4. You have to place a pot plant in the bathroom window and an orange candle. These create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.
  5. The things which are attractive must be used in bathroom. 
  6. You have to take a lot of care about bathroom curtains, bathrugs, tissue holders, decorative soap dispensers, art work, flower vase and etc.
  7. Arrange a clothes basket or continues to collect the used dress. 
  8. It is good to have a glass shelf in the bathroom, so it will be easy to clean and looks beautiful.

Comfortable Bathroom

The bathrooms which have less space, should not paint with dark colors. We should choose light color tiles for the walls of the washrooms. Arrange lights which increase the lighting in the bathroom, so that bathroom look more spacious though it is small. Arranging wash basins will look modern and very useful. But we have to take a lot of care while arranging them in small bathrooms. 

We can have bathroom shelves with acrylic sheet or marble stones. Therefore, we can place all the things like shampoos, soaps etc in well manner. We should not leave the things in the bathroom wherever we want. Because, bathroom looks more smaller. So we have to settle the things in their places neatly. Therefore, Washroom looks beautiful and comfortable.

Beautiful washroom

Keeping bathrooms dry. We learnt it from other countries. In earlier we used to clean the bathroom floor using buckets of water. The modern bathrooms look more clean with our less effort. Now everyone understood, if bathrooms are wet then it will cause ill health to them. 

Let us discuss few reasons, why we should keep our bathroom dry.

Problems with the washrooms which are wet. The water stagnates at the corners and near the buckets in the bathroom. Tiles gets stained. Even the bathroom smells badly. When we go inside the bathroom wearing slippers then they also stain the tiles. So the best solution for all these problems is keeping your bathroom dry.

If you want your bathroom dry then after completion of using the bathroom wipe its floor with a cloth. Therefore, tiles will be dry. While drying the floor of the bathroom add phenol in it for a better smell. After using bathroom keep the door open, window doors open and on the extension fan. Though the bathroom contains little wetness, there will be no problem. 

Instead of getting diseases it is good to avoid the effect of diseases. So follow all these tips and maintain your bathroom tidy, beautiful and comfortable. 

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