Now-a-days it is very common among us to buy a mobile phone. Mobiles have become such a craze that boys gives these to girls as a mark of their friendship or vice-verse, husbands and wives give them as gifts in their anniversaries as gifts. It is even given on marriages, birthdays or in any other special occasions. Considering the above fact in my mind I thought about writing this article with the view that it might prove to be helpful for someone who might be going to be a new mobile phone or perhaps want to buy a new one for himself.   First of all, I would like to tell you in this regard that there are different types of mobile phones available in the marketand you should have a fair amount of idea about which kind of mobile phone will suit your work or perhaps your sentiments. Based upon this I have classified the mobile phones under the following categories.   GSM AND CDMA -- There are two kinds of mobile phones available in the market based on network, that is, GSM and CDMA. GSM stands for Global Systems For Mobile Communications and though very popular it is a very old type of connection but with this type of connection one can do roaming and its call quality is further better than CDMA networks. Moreover, in security GSM is better than CDMA for example, bank transactions can be done in a secure way. But if one wants to send a big file than CDMA is better. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access and it can bear a bulk of subscribers load and its network signal is very strong. Another advantage of cdma handsets is that it consumes very less battery and the size of the handsets are quite small which is one of its unique features.   3G -- It is the latest and the most advanced form of network. One can enjoy multimedia, high speed broadband service and very suitable for video conferencing. One can enjoy all the facilities of broadband in this like video call, live TV, social networking, e-mail, multiplayer games, music and can even download movies. Apart from this one can do voice messaging, video messaging, live streaming or can download news and video clips. One can avail this facility from BSNL, Tata Docomo and now-a-days heard that even Airtel, Aircel and Reliance is also providing this facility by charging some nominal fee.   3D -- Friends to enjoy three dimensional videos or movies you just need a 3D mobile. In some mobiles like Spice View D priced around Rs 4300 you can enjoy this feature without the headache of wearing 3D glasses. Other mobile companies like Sharp , Samsung and Nokia have this type of handsets.   3SIM -- We knew about handset with twin Sims or two Sims now to add to the technology there are handsets available with three sims like Olive wiz, Videocon vc 1425 etc. The most exciting thing about these types of handsets is that they bear one CDMA sim and two GSM Sims.   Qwerty/Touch screen -- In qwerty mobiles all the keys are arranged in such a way as that of your laptop or pc keyboard and therefore very easy to type texts and send messages or e-mails etc. Now even Hindi qwerty keyboard mobiles are also available and hopefully very soon it will be available in other languages versions too. In touch screen mobiles as soon as you touch the numbers on mobile phones it gets typed and in touch screen it is really a pleasure to watch videos.   Smart phones -- As the name suggests these types of handsets can perform almost all the things that your computer does and not to mention one can even create their ownapplications on it and make it run. Examples of this type of phones are the Blackberry, HTC dreams etc. and it has a world wide market and a dream or a craze of the young generation     I hope, possibly I have given you almost all the types of mobiles that are available in the market and too hope that it will help you to make your choice regarding what purpose or for what type of work you want to buy the phone. So go ahead guys and pick one of your type and choice and make the most out of it.

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