Jealousy is the feeling that is most prevalent these days. In earlier days when our ancestors did not have much of luxuries that we have now lived a very simple life. In spite of no technological development and nothing much to make life easier they were still happy and supportive of people around them Today it is age of competition and that too severe competition. People work hard but scheme harder to achieve more than what others have. And to a certain extent we are responsible for this because this feeling of bitter competition and severe jealousy has been injected in them by us since their childhood days. When children are in school they are asked to perform best in their class and every time when child performs better and better, expectations increases. When our child gets 80 % we ask them why 80 your batch mate got 90% and when he gets 90% we ask him why 90, your classmate is getting 91%. This harbours feeling of jealousy in child.

 I remember in school in one of our regional language papers we had this STORY. In this story teacher asks one of his student to draw line on board with chalk. When he does it teacher calls another student and asks him to shorten the line drawn by 1st student. But the catch lies here-he should not even touch line drawn by 1st student lest even erase it. 2nd student fails in this test. Now he calls another student and this 3rd student being intelligent enough draws a bigger line above the 1st line and says that by his line being bigger 1st line is shortened automatically. Moral of the story is you don’t have to pull other’s legs to progress.

You need to earn your credits on your own. Just by harming others or causing loss i.e. to say by erasing other’s line you can’t get your goal. You have to be best to prove yourself. By demeaning other’s you can gather nothing but stones. Competition is good if it is healthy and the end result is better product and better person but if it diminishes the very value of unity and being happy for others than such competition should not be encouraged.

  Today inspite of technological developments that has made our lives easier we all are living in a bad world full of stress , wrath, jealousy and hatred. When we have got more luxuries than our ancestors aren’t we supposed to be more happier than them?  Today we all are running behind happiness but everyone fails to see that happiness lies in our own self. Happiness lies in living a satisfied life where we can cry with others in their sorrows, we can be shoulder they can count on and we can be happy when other person is happy. Let us all at least give it a try and imbibe good things in our children’s lives. Let us give gift of brotherhood, unity, happiness and satisfaction to our next generation.

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