Once upon a time there was man called Amin. He lost all his crops in a drought! Akbar decided to look for work in another village. Akbar decided to look for work in another village, and off he went on his ass. Before he left, he bought twelve hard-boiled eggs from a general shop and promised to pay amount him later.

Six years later, Akbar retuned to his village. He came on a fine white and black horse. Behind him a camel carrying bags full of gold and silver coins. Akbar was a rich man now. The news was as soon as spread through the village.

Soon, the shop owner who had given him the twelve boiled eggs knocked at Akbar’s door. `Pay back the debt you owe me,’ he said. `give me 600 silver coins or 100 hundred gold coins for the eggs you bought,’ Akbar refused to pay mount such a large sum. So the merchant took his complaint to the village judge.

The shop owner appeared in court, but there was no sign of Akbar. The judge waited and waited. Suddenly, Akbar rushed in, out of breath. At once, the merchant said, `My Lord, six years ago, this man took one dozen eggs from me. Dozen eggs would have become twelve chickens. These chickens would have become hens and cocks. The hen would have laid more eggs. The eggs would have hatched into chickens. After six years, I would have had a large flock of birds! Now Akbar must pay me 600 silver coins for all the birds I have lost.’

`You are right,’ agreed the judge. He turned to Akbar with an angry look and said, `what do you have you to say? And, by the way, why are you late?’

Akbar said, `my Lord, I had a plate o boiled beans in the house. Before coming here, I planted them in the garden so that I will have a good crop next day!’

`Fool!’ explained the judge. `How can boiled beans grow into anything?’

Akbar replied, `yes, indeed, my Lord, and ow can boiled eggs hatch into chickens?’

And that’s how Akbar his case.



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