The man whose has starred in several Hollywood blockbuster movies, whose name itself needs no introduction, the film star Will Smith. The super star who has been contributing nonstop to the field of cinema since more than last 22 years. Will Smith has been a prominent figure in world of glamour right from his early days in the industry, starting from a rapper, developing in to a producer and being an actor loved by billions all over the world unanimously.

Personal Life

A native of West Philadelphia Will Smith, a Libra by sun sign, was born on 25th September, 1968 to Mrs. Caroline (née Bright) and Mr. Willard Christopher Smith, Sr. Will's father was a refrigerator engineer and his mother worked as a school administrator with Philidelphia school board. Will had been baptized during his childhood itself. His popularity all around the word has also given him his unique nick name " The Fresh prince ", mostly due to his uncanny rapping skills .

Will Smith is a proud father of three children. One from his first wife and the other two from the next wife. Will married Sheree Zampino in the year of 1992. Will has a son born in 1992 from his first wife Sheree Zampino named Willard Christopher Smith III, commonly also referred to as Trey Smith. Their matrimony lasted till 1995, after 3 years of marriage the couple divorced.

After two years of solace, Will Smith then married the acclaimed actress, singer, lyricist and a successful businesswoman Jada Koren Pinkett Smith in 1997. The couple has two kids together, son Jaden Christopher Syre born in 1998 and daughter Willow Camille Reign born in the year 2000. Jaden also acted with his dad in their blockbuster movie together "The Pursuit of Happiness ", released in the year 2006, while his sister Willow appeared in the movie " I am Legend " beside her dad Will Smith in 2007. Will Smith lives with his family at the exotic locations in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Sweden and  Star Island in Miami Beach, Florida.

Professional Life

Will Smith started his career as a rapper, in a hip-hop band with his childhood friends. Together they produced some hit songs like " Parents Just Don't Understand ". Will and his group were widely appreciated for their music skills among all. They won a Grammy award in the Rap category in the year 1988, which happens to be Will's first Grammy award. Will by that time around the year 1990, had more than enough money and was a spendthrift personality. He even evaded taxes around that period. However, Will was assessed by Internal Revenue Service and was found guilty of not paying his taxes. Will was almost in a state of bankruptcy due to the consequences that followed hisbeing proven guilty of evading taxes.

Just when all seemed gloomy for Will Smith, he was offered a show by the NBC television network, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", a comedy show which was produced by them based on him. This break proved to be a re spawn for Will Smith in his career, taking his popularity to a whole new level. Building upon to the success of the television show and the glory of rap music, Will Smith then moved on to the silver screen making his first appearance in the movie " Where the Day Takes You ", in the year 1992. The movie not was a huge super success but helped Will get further roles and work for his movies later on. In the year 1993 the movie "Six Degrees of Separation " released followed by "Bad Boys " in the year 1995, both movies went on to become cult of their own times, and Will's role in them is being regarded still as one his peaks by many of his fans.

In the year 1997, Will's movie "Independence Day ", released which was the second highest grossing movie ever at that time. Another movie of his "Men in Black " out in 1998 took Will's career at an all new peak. Since then Will has been Hollywood's own staple money churning machine. Only Will has the unique distinction of having eight films on the trot making over $100 million, all his films have made a record gross collection of more than $7 billion at the global box office.

Will Smith was also nominated for the award of the best actor at the Oscar Academy awards for his roles in the movies "Ali "and "The Pursuit of Happiness". He also got his name penned down in the Guinness Book of World Records when he attended three premieres in 24-hours, in 2005.

Charity, Business and Future Projects

Will Smith along with his wife has been donating millions of dollars to charitable organizations and to Christian ministries, and Scientology organizations as well. They also set up an elementary private school in Calabasas, California, that is based upon Study Technology way of teaching. The couple donated a whopping sum of $ 1.2 million to the school in the year 2010. Will Smith and his brother Harry Smith, together own Treyball Development Inc. based in  Beverly Hills, a company named after Will's first son, Trey Smith. Will's next movie ready for release is "After Earth " on June 7, 2013 in the United States, also featuring his son Jaden Smith. Currently Will is working on filming of his future films " Winter's Tale " and " Bad Boys III " to be released in the year 2013 and 2015 respectively. 

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