This Article about our young generation. Some time before I posted a pole in my profile that "do you really think that premarital affairs is not cheat to your life partner" Some guys say that I do by my partner can't do this. I want to ask this type of guys why you dont like if your wife is make this type of relation with any other before marrige. In present I saw so much experience in my life some time before I saw that tow young boys were going on his bike there was a collage girl going the boys has hit his hand on her bum...... is this right. I think that our new generation is going to wrong way they take worg benefit of there freedom. I think if mother father knows the language of fate they will write anything for their childrens. I am tell my young brother sister that our mother father given us our life and so much education for think us that what is wrong and what is right. Our mother father belive on us so much why don't we thinks to do something really good.


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