what are bed bugs?

bed_bugsMany people face with the problem of bed bugs in their homes. Bed Bugs can be a major problem for many people. Bed bugs are small insects that feed on blood of warm blooded animals and humans also. No one will like having bugs in their bed. Bed bugs also destroy the next of birds one needs to stay aware from them and need to find some ways for removing them.New borns of bed bugs are very small like a seed called as hatchlings or nymphs and adults grow upto half a inch .. Bed bugs mostly affect the furniture of your homes especially the bed and sofas. Removing bed bugs from home is not easy.

Are bad bugs dangerous to human beings?

bed_bug_bitesBed bugs mostly harm human beings during night time. People often dont realise when they are bitten by them they think that its a mosquito bite. Bites of bed bugs doesnt have a very harmful reaction in human beings .They dont cause any diseases. There are  reactions like big itchy marks , allergic  reactions on the skin which is bitten by them. Extreme reactions can cause asthma, hives and other such problems.

what to do when bed bugs bite you?

Bed bugs bite are easily treated at home by applying some cream. Bites of bugs mostly affect the skin only.If you feel to scratch than try to avoid it as it may cause harmful infections. If the reactions doesnt go in some week or so than one must consent doctor to treat it.

How can a bed bug be removed?

Removing bed bug from your home is not an easy task. As once they enter the furniture in the house and they keep producing other bed bugs.The female bed bugs produce about 5 eggs in  a day and around 500 in her life span. One need to prevent buying second hand furniture as that furniture may be affected by bed bugs and one might not come to know about it when he is buying it. A bird when flies into the home can also start the growth of bed bugs in the house.Bed bugs make furniture as their home for months and some times also for years so one need to be careful before their number grews large.

The following things should be done for the removal of bed bugs

  • One need to be careful while travelling the suitcase or luggage should not be placed on surfaces which are prone to bed bugs as their luggage may become the transmitor of bed bugs to their home. They must keep the luggage while travelling on proper surfaces.
  • while using a cleaner one should spray not only on the outer surface of the bed but  on all the surfaces like head board,foot board where one may feel that bed bug can grow on it . Bed bug removal  process must not be stop in a day or two as bed bugs tend to reproduce daily so one must carry on the removal and cleaning process for some days.
  • The bed sheets , covers and other bed garments should be given to laundry and cleaned properly as sprays or any infecticides cannot be used on them.
  • If there seems that there are lot of bed bugs in the house one must go for pest control. As the pest control people know the necessary things to be done to remove them .
  • If their are birds coming into the house from windows or forming nests near the window then it must tried to be stopped because the birds may be a carrier of bed bugs into the house.
  • Try to change the temperature of the room in which bed bugs are surviving as bed bugs may prefer surviving at a certain temperature in the room.

There are various ways for removing bed bugs but one may take care that these ways are used at a proper time before the bed bugs grow on into a large number.


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