Humans are social being and we need to interact with people. A friend plays an important role in one's life. Sometimes, we face loneliness and feel like we are alone in this world. Of course, we have family but a family cannot replace a friend as a friend is a friend. Friends have a special position in our lives. We learn together, play and share experiences while growing up. Although, finding a true friend is not easy in recent times but you could always make new friends in a hope that he or she might turn out to be your true friend.

Let me tell you my personal experience, I have been on hunting for a true friend for a while but I could not find a true friend. I made so many friends and I talked to them but not a single person became a true friend. Why is it like this? It is because we all are so much self-content and satisfied with ourselves as well as our life that we don't look around at others.I will have to say that I have made a lot of friends or maybe friends is not the right term, acquaintances could define it rightly. I have many acquaintances, I told you that they were friends as in social networking websites, even acquaintances are in our friend's list. The definition of a friend itself is not clear to most of us, oh yes, I have many people in my friend's lists but they are not my friends in true sense.

We don't talk as much as friends should be talking with each other. My so called as, 'family friends', they are also not friends. My best friend who I consider my best  friend did not consider me as her friend. It is very confusing of knowing who is friend and I am talking about just friends, not a true friend here. Making new friends on social networking websites is very easy but making real friends is not so easy. How do we make real friends?

You can make real friends on several places but aim for making a few real friends only. Real friends talk frequently, want to spend time together, try to understand each other and know each other's families also. Honestly, I don't have any real friends and I am still on a quest of making real friends. Why I have not been able to make real friends? I can't make real friends if the other person does not want to be a real friend. Making a true or real friend is when both of the person mutually agree to be friends.

We are all so preoccupied in our busy lives that we forget about others. I stopped finding for a true friend right now for some time because I am trying to find the person who might want to start by being just friends. True friends are made in a long period of time but to make just friends requires less efforts. In the bad times of your life is when a true friend will be with you and he or she will fight against the world with you. 

There are so many terms of friendship, friends, just friends, best friend and close friend, All of them are our friends but among them who is are true friend. How do we know who is our true friend? You will know about it at those times, when you will help each other and support one another in bad times. True friends or just friends is something you will have to decide. 

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Written by
Vishakha Purohit
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