Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the most awaiting results of boddunan revenue sharing program. I just want to share pros and cons in last month activity before revealing the results.

1. The revenue is getting increased month by month or at least stabilizing.
2. More and more members are actively participating on forums
3. The site is now stablizing with new content adding every day

1. More and more spammers attacking forums
2. Unwanted threads are being created on forums even by the senior members
3. Number of people entered into revenue sharing is not getting increased.

So here is the list of eligible members:
pkn_1173------------11948 (5 shares)
abhishekdua------------8002 (4 shares)
sarala------------6891 (3 shares)
sumitbe------------6060 (3 shares)
RaviPrasad------------5316 (2 shares)
deepthihere------------5172 (2 shares)
surendra6------------4320 (2 shares)
deivigan_r------------4146 (2 shares)
ra_k------------4050 (2 shares)
nagalakshmi.karunanidhi------------4012 (2 shares)
smartkaus------------2988 (1 share)
mansoor------------2631 (1 share)
san tiw------------2599 (1 share)
pmpk------------2373 (1 share)
gkajmani------------2233 (1 share)
vijay_u------------2224 (1 share)
RAMACHANDRAN------------2161 (1 share)
kporwal19------------2153 (1 share)
Mohan277------------2148 (1 share)
Abid Areacode------------2015 (1 share)

Total Shares: 37
Total Revenue: $182
Revenue Share (25%): $45.5 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./$
Revenue Per Share: Rs.54.1
Total Moderator Bonus(5%): Rs.400

Revenue Share Update:
From this month onwards, the total number of points required for entering to Boddunan Revenue Sharing is reduced to 1000 per share. And at the same time, the total revenue sharing amount is increased to 30% (Limited time only).

So guys congratulations and all the best for this month revenue share.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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