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  • Re: Has the contest "top voter of the day" been scraped??

    by » 7 years ago

    Friends you all are stick to the "Top voters of the Day" award. I am tensed with revenue sharing. I have not yet seen it declared here. Today it is 10th of the month. Everything is getting delayed. Maverick is swimming in pool of work.

    Since Boddunan is NOT the only job fro Maverick, it takes a little more time than usual. Do not be worried about losing your revenue shares, it has never happened here and will never happen ever. Be patient is all I can say at this point.

    Also, I feel there is no need to keep this thread open. If there are any announcements regarding changes in Polls or elsewhere, it will be done so in proper time. So I am locking this thread. Thank You!

    "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
    - W. C. Fields :)

    Thank you said by: Devyani Sarkar

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