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Yes, once anyone/anything gets embroiled in any kind of controversy then unfortunately it becomes an unending saga. The review panel must have a full proof system or else conflicts will arise.


I am a liberal and I don't support the persons who are vandalizing theaters etc.  But I have another grouse against Bhansali.  I want to ask him what prompted him to make  film showing the bad side of Hindu philosophy.  To glorify Jauhar which was a negative and defeatist concept is not the right thing. It shows Hinduism in poor light and also the fact of the queen Padmavati being shown in a mirror to Allauddin was nothing but cowardice.  All I say is that Bhansali could have chosen a better story that does not show Hinduism in poor light. 

I feel, the negative aspects of any religion should be condemned. A film should be critical about the disrespectful customs of any religion but should not glorify it. 


The film is now cleared by the Supreme Court but the Karni Sena is still up to its destructive antics. I wish instead of breaking and destroying public property they could have initiated debates to point out the serious flaws of this film. Incidentally, I read the review of the film on NDTV and noted a poor review with just 1.5 stars out of five.

Yes I think I do not understand why people are creating to much problem on movie discussion is best way to resolve the issues if its not resolve then movie should not release till final solution .

Santosh Kumar Singh


The issue has gone on for too long and I dont understand why people take law into their hands and engage in violence and vandalism instead of accepting the decision of the Censor board and the Supreme court. Today's news channels are showing the trouble created by the goons in Haryana and other states. This is totally uncalled for and criminal ..

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

I am looking at things with a different angle. Almost every movie creates a lot of public debate and controversial views displayed by different sections of the public which brings publicity to a movie.  In this case the things have gone a bit too far and I won't be surprised if the opposition or bad elements are taking the advantage. They leave nothing to chance when it comes to blame ruling party. For instance take the case of Lalu Yadav, they are seeing ruling party and its alliance behind his punishment/imprisonment.

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I saw the film yesterday at a multiplex in Abu Dhabi. The film is good and well directed but surely Bhansali could have chosen a better subject. He does in a way glorify Jauhar, which was a defeatist concept. That is bad, but Ranvir Singh as Allauddin gives a stand out performance. He is the life of the film.

I too saw the film yesterday and this is my frank opinion..

The pluses ..

Excellent sets , a radiant and resplendent Deepika and some good acting by Ranveer Singh 

The misses 

The 3 D effect makes everything so very unrealistic,

Ranveer Singh tries his level best to be menacing and as a result at times his performance lacks reality.

Poor Shahid Kapoor and the regal character he played, what can one say except blame the director for the wrong choice 

Sanjay Leela Bhansali seems to have taken too many liberties with the characters ..

Too many unnecessary boring songs that  simply drag. The entire film can be cut down to 70% of the length easily.

Finally , one can watch it once for the sake of the sets and the treatment..I wouldnt want to watch it a second time





Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

I am yet to watch it. The review rating is not very impressive. It's TOI which has given 4 out of 5 but rest reviews are below standard. Well, whatever be the movie review is absolutely another point of discussion but what the various organisations did in the last few days is simply condemnable and must be handled very strictly.  .   


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