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7 years ago

Hinduism is a widely spread religion in Africa. In Mauritius, it is the Dominant religion.. Swami Ghananda was the First Hindu Guru who took the lead in  Mauritius. He was initiated as a Swami or Guru by the late Swami Krishnanda,.

Besides Africa Hinduism is prevalent in Nepal, Bangladesh,Indonesia Sri,Lanka etc.


usha manohar
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7 years ago

I guess you will stick to your argument like always - Mauritius has more than 50% people of Indian origin, so also South Africa, Kenya and other African countries which means that there would be Hinduism in all these countries...For your information Nepal, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka come under Indian Sub continent...Indonesia too has a small number of Hindus mainly in Bali , again those who went from India and their numbers are dwindling now !

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

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usha manohar wrote:
rambabu wrote:
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vijay wrote:

Perhaps what Jincy meant was that Hinduism reached Africa in form of indentured Hindu labour by the British during the colonial period. They settled there and thus Hinduism exists. Hindus do not spread it like Christians and Islam do by inducements or forcing people to convert. That is the strength and also weakness of Hinduism.

Yes, you are right. the prime reason for reaching of Hinduism in Africa is the recruitment of Indian people in their African colonies. There are so many Gods in Hindu religion. Worshiping and satisfying all these Gods are not easy. This is a complicated process. It may be one of the reasons why Hinduism do not spread like Christianity and Islam. 

The first link in this thread clearly says that Hinduism does not believe in numerous Gods rather it signifies only one God in variety of forms. So, there is no trouble in following Hinduism according to one's own choice and trust. Hinduism never believed in force so never used it to convert people into Hindu and increase their number.

I agree with you. Hinduism did not force others to join it. Despite this fact, amazingly, Hinduism is one of the widely spread religions in the World.

Hinduism is oldest religion of the world, Islam is only 13-14 hundred year old and Christian is 2016 year old.


Hinduism is not widely spread since one cannot convert to Hinduism but Hindus have spread all over the world...We don't see black, white or East Asian Hindus. Hindus are from the Indian sub continent only !


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