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  • Re: Big boss season 12 is going to be telecasted from today.

    by » 3 years ago

    Kalyani Nandurkar
    Editor & Super Moderator
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    jabeen wrote:

    I don't waste my time watching this show. I had once watch it just to see what kinds of game it is and frankly speaking I find it very undignified. Either the participants are quarrelling for no reasons, gossiping or crying their hearts out. I fail to understand how can viewers enjoy seeing others quarrelling or crying? Are we teaching right values to our younger generation by having fun while others quarrel?

    That is so true Jabeen. I cannot understand why people enjoy watching a bunch of so-called celebrities indulging in all kinds of conniving backstabbing against their housemates, women falling for men, their so-called romances and heartbreaks and washing dirty linen on the screen. It is actually so degrading and disgusting and it really riles me up when I see young people watching this show so enthusiastically!

    "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
    - W. C. Fields :)

  • Re: Big boss season 12 is going to be telecasted from today.

    by » 3 years ago

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    Shampa Sadhya wrote:

    Basically, people love to gossip and the Big Boss show gives people the chance to do so. I really feel sad that how people waste their valuable time in watching such a meaningless programme.      

    It is my suggestion for fellows, who like to watch beg boss, watch Kaun Banega crorpati instead of BB. This show will add some more in you GK. Last night there was question, which part of country have not MP seat. I never thing earlier about it that any part of country have not their representative in parliament. It was very tough to answer. Chandigrah is city but it have representative in parliament. You know answer, I telling you, it is Meghalya.

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