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  • Re: interesting thing about your blood group

    by » 7 years ago

    I have my own doubts about the authenticity of the contents of the research.

    Same here , I have both O + and O - in my family with none of the features that can never generalise since we have so many different generations of genes within us ...

    That's right. But how then these conclusions have been reached at? Isn't there any logic or studies to support it at all?

    That's right, as there is no link to provide that a research has been actually conducted to correlate the nature and blood group of people I don't think one can take the conclusion seriously. And even if a research has been conducted, one can draw conclusion only from a proper sample size which is not mentioned here at all. So frankly speaking, I don't think one should pay attention to such so called research whose authenticity cannot be verified.

    I agree with that, it is like astrological predictions which ary from person to person and one cannot take it seriously since there is no concrete proof ...

    This is neither astrology nor medical. This is sheer humor and need not be taken serious. :laugh:

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  • Re: interesting thing about your blood group

    by » 7 years ago

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