Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara? Why Katappa killed Bahubali was the subject of national discussion in 2016 and when Bahubali-2 got released world over and the way the collection of this movie are breaking records day in and day out, it seems soon, it will have a status of National Movie. It has become a compulsion for everyone to watch this movie it seems. The mass hysteria, though this word is an inappropriate word for this situation, but the movie has created a huge emotional need among people to find an answer of the national question of 2016.

Bahubali 2 Movie Poster
And everyone wants an answer first hand. And as we can see the numbers, the movie has entered the 1000 crore club. This means, there will be no competition to Bahubali-2 for the years to come. However, why this movie has created a history and compelled each one to see the movie? The answer lies in the previous movies which created the history at their time of release. Mythology anyways attracts Indians. Religion is one such reason again to make movie hit like never before.

Jay Santoshi Maa, the movie when released created madness among Indians and the religious importance of Goddess and every business related to Santoshi Maa flourish. On television on the other hand, the serials Ramayana and Mahabharatha have seen the viewership like never before. Even now the craze of these serials are like never ending even after complete generation rolled over. The first movie made by and Indian was also a mythological one, Raja Harishchandra by Dadasaheb Falke. The journey never stopped since then.

There are plenty of reason for Bahubali to make history not only in Indian Cinema but world over. The first and foremost off course is it created a question which converted into a national issue of discussion in it's first part in 2016. Second it's larger than life canvas took people to travel the time machine and connected them with some rock solid reason to respect the producer, director and entire cast with some extra-ordinary scenes like respecting Shiva Lingaa by the hero Prabhas. Some solid humor by side line cast crew have helped movie climbed heights. The Success to create suspense in climax and no clue left behind to take a guess has taken the curiosity to wait for the release of the movie made hits and broken records before even the first cut and the trailer of the movie launched.

The movie, however good or bad will be seen by many once, it's a peer pressure too, where the of left behind build inferiority complex. Hence, the big fortune is still to come, the final tally of numbers will be surpassing all the forecasts and will leave a long lasting impact on Indian Cinema and on people of India at large.

Have you seen Bahubali-2?

Life is best always. Anytime.

Sunil Chaporkar

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