Name: Hot Breads
Food:  English
Food Type: Non-Veg/Veg
Location: Panampilly Nagar

City: Kochi

State: Kerala
Nearest Bustop: Manorama Junction bus stop

Speciality Food: Bread

Main Food Items:


Chicken Lollipop




As the name holds, this place has anything and everything related to bread. May be a tad bit too calorific for some people. But then the taste is so awesome I am sure that people will be able to forget about how unhealthy bread products really are. Anyways the place has amazing new varieties of concoctions using bread of all forms. May it be kaati rolls or the normal sandwiches. Everything is of the most exemplary quality. The danishes are truly yummy. They are so different from the other bread fares available all around that you will find it definitely worthy. Since I hadn’t eaten any before visiting this place, let me describe what exactly danishes are. They are essentially buns with meat balls inserted inside them. They have different varieties like vegetarian and all. The puddings available are also quite exquisite. One must seriously try out the chocolate one. It is to die for. The cookies are decorated in pretty packest and are very crispy and tasty, making it a favourite teat time snack. A variety of desserts are on offer and varies practically every day. The chicken lollipops available are also worth a mention. They heat up whatever you select then and there and give it to you. The breads kept on display and you are provided with a tray on which you can pile up whatever you need. The only bad point if you can call it that is that there is absolutely no seating space available. But then this is expected to a bakery and bakeries usually do not offer such a luxury.

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