• commercialization of festivals.

    Festival have a cultural and religious significance. But today we see them being commercialized an a large scale. This has added to the beauty of celebration but has also diluted it's real significance. Pour your view on that

  • Happy Diwali to all in Advance

    I wish all a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2015 to all forum members writers and readers. May we all prosper and do well in our lives. Greetings and regards to your family members.

    May This Diwali be as bright as ever.
    May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you....

  • HAPPY HOLI 2015

    Wish a VeryHappy Holi to all Boddunan Member...... Celebrate Festival of Color In safe way....


    Holi 2015

  • Happy Raksha Bandhan

    Today is Rakshbandhan. We celebrate the bond between the brother and sister on this day. Where  the sister prays for lifelong well  being of her brother and the brother in turn promises to stand by and protect his sister under all circumstances.


  • Hola Mohalla : Celebrating Valour

    Hola Mohalla is an annual Sikh festival which is celebrated on the day after Holi. It is an annual fair which is held for three days at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab, India. People from far off places come to Anandpur Sahib to attend Hola Mohalla and enjoy the daring feats of fighting prowess and

  • Holi - A color Festival

    "Holi Hai", is the most common voice that can be heard in the streets of India during the Dol-Purnima, which was 23rd March of this year. The Color Festival of India. Much like the Halloween of the West but differs far in the origin and history.  I remember my

  • Thai Pongal Festival

    On Jan 15 Thai pongal a special festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is a harvest festival, Pongal is celebrated in the following countries, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, North America, South Africa, Mauritius by Tamilians living in the countries. Before it was a

  • Today is Onam and Vara Mahalakshmi pooja !

    There are no dearth of festivals for Hindus and there is a festival every month of the year...Last month it was Nagara Panchami and this month it is Onam for Malayalees and Lakshmi Pooja for people from Karnataka  and may be for others too..It is called Vara Mahalakshmi vrata in Kannada