Work In Abroad??? The world we live in today is more passionate, competitive and more space to get lost and we ought to know how to survive. The  main reason for working abroad is to simply encounter newexperiences and cultures, then you’ll have a...

Younghistan ( youth power)

India is a devloping country and it is growing in a very slow mode. It needs to gear up litle fast because we have to compete with other devloping countries also. As we are the second largest population in the world, we have the maximum man power...

Save the world

Hello friends and Readers of this article. Everybody must have heard about global warming and Green house effect ,due to global warming the heat has increased drastically which result droughts in so many areas and this is the main reason of dying...

The childhood of Gandhi

Mohandaskaramchand  Gandhi Porbandar is an old seaport on the coast of Kathiawar western India. It was here that a greet saint was born on 2 October 1869. The name of this saint was Mohandas Gandhi whom we now call Mahatma Gandhi. His parents...

Home is also a school

Home is also a school A house family- Man is a social animal. He finds it hard to live alone. A home is a place where a man lives with wife, parents and children. Getting tried after a day’s work, a man finds peace and happiness at home. A...

Martin Luther king was greatestman of the world. The life of Martin Luther king tells us that civilization can be enriched by love, sacrifice, tenderness and tolerance. Violence destroys civilization. Martin Luther king service points A) Martin...

               With the upcoming modernization and urbanization, the life styles and traditions of people are changing at fast pace but there are still some people who are doing the task of preserving culture and traditions and passing those on to...

Vanishing mud structures; changes with times

           In the olden times, the houses were constructed of mud bricks and wood. The final touches and plastering were also done with mud only. These were known as Kucha houses. Even the paint on these houses was also a kind of coloured mud. With...

Mapping the earth

Earth map A map is a drawing on a flat surface. It shows a part or all the earth’s surface. A map can be made on paper, on a board or on a wall. We can make maps of schools, villages, towns, states, countries and of the world.   Maps cannot...

Mother Teresa

The topic for the final paper in Roman Catholicism was to write on anything in Catholicism that you found to be interesting. That was a very broad topic to choose from so I was having a bit of trouble trying to choose a topic that I thought was...

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Walking down the street; I saw a girl ,in high spirit; Lovely,cute,beautiful whatever  you say; Neither enough to describe her,nor  her play.   Then
NEXT UPDATE Then Armaan and Riddhima proceed towards the canteen..Armaan orders for two cold coffee……Armaan sits down and keeps quiet…he is still
All of us at one time or other must have encountered a situation where in we had to bring all our inherent  strengths to a point to tackle the situation.
Finance Blogger
Are you settling overseas as a permanent NRI (Non-Resident Indian) within a few months? What have been in your to-do list? Packing the backpacks, getting
MG Singh
Recently I asked an Indian student of the Kendriya Vidyalay in Dubai, whether he was aware that the great Indian war time freedom fighter Subhash Chandra