We all have a powerful desire in our mind to see the unseen and to know the unknown. As a result we spontaneously seek for travelling for it has really a charm and novelty of its own. Travelling not only means roaming here and there, it also means to get knowledge with relaxing body. Travelling is something which ones do many times in his or her life with someone or alone.   

Travelling and its value

Travelling is a part of education for it has some educational value. We learn various things from books. But when we travel we can see everything with our eyes. For example, a teacher is teaching about mountain region. Through it we can learn about this region. But when we travel on this region we can have a vivid prospect about it. Travelling has not only the educational value; it has also some more impact on our mind. It liberalises our mind and broadens our heart. So a youth who has never moved out of his village is just like a frog in the well. When we travel in different places we come in contact with different people and come to know about their manners customs and their traits. Consequently it cures all the prejudices that are often gathered in our mind. Travelling also gives other pleasures too. It provides us with an opportunity to observe the wonders of nature and to enjoy the grandeur of creation such as snow-capped mountains, the beauty of the roaring sea, the calm of the hill-bound lakes etc.

Many parents’ stops their children to go out for travelling because they think that if their child will go outside then it will cause a huge loss in their studies. But their thinking like this is really a wrong concept of the parents because travelling widen the thoughts and refreshes the mind of the students because too much study is not good for the health for the children, many children or students go on depression because too much pressure of studies. So the parents should provide an hour in a day for their children to relax and enjoy too and that will only come when they will travel to different places or travel nearby somewhere like park, hotel or playground or something like that which will make them utmost happy because the real happy of the parents relies on the happy of their children.  


Travelling also helps us to increase courage and self-confidence. It refreshes and regenerates our mind. It makes one complete and wise also, thus travelling can be regarded as supplementary to education in class room for it blends the vision and voice. Thus it has already been a preferable source of recreation.

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