Maggi,Top Ramen,Hakka noodles, the list is endless.Noodles is every child's favourite.When authentic breakfasts like idli,upma,dosa,etc consumes a lot of time to prepare,these noodles come as a savior and are easily cooked in no time!

The normal general way of cooking Maggi/Top Ramen is-

4 Cups of water------>boil it----->add the noodles------>cook it for 1 minute------>add sausemaker------->simmer------>serve hot.

But this method is surprisingly wrong!

This is so because, these noodles that come in packets are covered with food wax as in order of food preservation. Maida,with which these noodles are prepare is easily deteroiated;hence these noodles are covered with food wax.

How is this true?

When we boil the noodles in water,we observe a white slimy layer.We need to remove this slimy layer.Our body takes three days to digest this food wax;hence we need to take this precaution.Best is to have noodles twice a week.This will also help the body to be in proper balance.

What can you do?

You can cook it in the right way!

4 cups of water---->boil it---->add noodles--->cook for 1 minute---->throw away the water---->boil water and dip these cooked noodles---->add sausemaker----->serve hot.

This is the right method of cooking noodles.This method can even applied for other brand noodles.

Onion Noodles:

For those who donot like it plain,you can fry onions in a pan,add some salt to it.After it turns goldrn brown,add the boiled noodles and add sausemaker to it.Cook and Serve hot.

Butter noodles:

When the noodles is boiling for the second time, add a dash of butter.This will prevent sraping and the taste is enhanced in the nooclles.Then add sausemaker,cookit for 1 minute and serve hot.

Omelette noodles:

Fry onions in a pan and add egg to it,fry till light brown,add chilles,salt,noodles and sausemaker.Mix it well and cook for 2 minutes.Serve hit.

Vegetable noodles:

Steam grated carrots,beans,peas and tomato and add to the boiled noodles and cook it for a minute.Add sausemaker,simmer and serve hot.

Chicken noodles:

Fry chicken nuggets and add them to the boiled noodles.If you want it plain,you can directly add sausemaker,simmer it and then serve hot.If you want it to be a little more spicy,add soya sause,chilly sause and sausemaker;simmer and serve hot

Chilly noodles:

This is for people who would like to have chilly noodles in a plain taste.When the noodles are  boiling in the second attempt,add butter,chilly sause and green chillies along with sausemaker.Simmer and serve hot..

Panner noodles:

Fry  panner chunks and add it to the boiling noodles along with steamed vegetables.Add sausemaker,simmer it and serve hot.


*Sausemaker is available in the packets of 'maggi' and 'top ramen' noodles.If you do not have sausemaker, you can combine all your spices and grind it to powder.They can be chilly powder,turmeric powder,corianderpowder,methi powder, hint of tamarind and salt.You can add sambhar powder/garam masala powder also.

*Already noodles have a fair amount of salt in it,hence avoild adding extra salt.

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