Banana -1

Cowmilk -1 cup

Curd – 1spoon

Ghee – 1tea spoon

Honey -1 tea spoon

Sugar – 1tea spoon

Tulasi leaves – 5

Preparation time – 10minutes


Peel the skin of banana and then cut it into pieces.

Take a bowl

Add milk, curd, sugar, ghee, and honey in it.

Then mix them finely.

Now add banana pieces, tulasi leaves and then mix them thoroughly.

Then freeze it in refrigerator.

Whenever we do fasting, if you have this it will be very good to have.

Due to this we won’t feel week.

Panchamrutham is very tasty milk food as all milk products are used as ingredients in it are Ghee, milk, curd. Banana is a very healthy food and tulasi is best plant which avoids health problems to occur. The mostly panchamrutham will be prepared for pooja especially Lord Siva .In Indian tradition and custom, people believe Panchamrutham as a very pure thing. So if you have it , they believe that we become pure and all our sins were removed. I hope you prepare this in such devotional occasions and take the God blessing and enjoy the taste, even impress your friends, relatives and family members. Enjoy the taste Thank you.



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